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Brexit - Shaping a great future...

...and making sure uncertainty doesn't hold us back

As the leading voice for business in the East Midlands, the Chamber continues to gather intelligence on the short, medium and long-term impact of the UK's decision to leave the European Union.

Brexit bannerWe are working with other Chambers through the British Chambers of Commerce to ensure we deliver, on behalf of our members and business generally, an informed, robust and comprehensive overview of real and potential challenges as well as opportunities that members face following the UK's decision to leave the EU.

The views and insights of our members since 23 June have been fed into broader research led by the BCC and is helping to shape national policy, including the BCC Brexit Transition Principles, to which we have subscribed.

Your continued involvement is essential to ensuring that together we shape a great future, that we maximise all the opportunities that will come from our eventual withdrawal from the EU and to ensuring that we recognise and avoid the potential pitfalls along the way.

Towards that end, we have partnered with law firm Eversheds to offer members a dedicated Brexit helpline. Chamber members calling the lo-call rate number 0333 456 0480 will be offered one hour’s free over-the-phone advice by an expert from the Eversheds legal team.

If you have any other questions, observations or experiences you want to share with the Chamber, please email plc@m-n.ouoiyecdlc.k.

As part of the process to inform and be informed, the Chamber has organised a programme of interactive seminars and workshops, designed to learn from members what their on-going concerns are and to arm them with the fullest possible understanding and knowledge of what post-Brexit conditions for business - locally, nationally and internationally - might look like.

We have also arranged a Brexit Support Programme to help businesses navigate the uncertain waters of leaving the EU and maximise the opportunities it will present.

Details of forthcoming events, including the Brexit Support Programme are listed below.

We are also determined to keep members informed of developments as they happen. Recent stories, ours and those from other sources, that will help to inform members can be found here.

Shaping a Great Future

Shaping a Great Future document
The Chamber led a delegation of leading regional businesses to Westminster to launch an eight-page report setting out what business wants from Brexit.

The report is called Shaping a Great Future: Leading Balanced and Sustainable Growth in a Post-Brexit Economy
The full story is Business tells Ministers what it wants from Brexit
Feedback: Nottingham East MP Chris Leslie on Chamber Brexit event at Westminster

Uploaded 18 November: Ireland demands border promise before Brexit trade talks
Uploaded 18 November: EU gives May two weeks to act on divorce bill and Ireland
Uploaded 17 November: Brexit is causing tough decisions for smaller suppliers
Uploaded 16 November: May smashes opposition on EU Withdrawal Bill
Uploaded 16 November: ECB warns banks against Brexit 'empty shells'
Uploaded 16 November: Watchdog urged to look at Russian influence on Brexit vote
Uploaded 16 November: May 'close to offering financial deal to progress Brexit talks'
Uploaded 15 November: May wins first votes on EU bill despite backlash over date
Uploaded 15 November: Brexit secretary seeks transition deal 'early next year'
Uploaded 15 November: Ministers see off early EU Withdrawal Bill challenges
Uploaded 14 November: EU business leaders tell May to agree Brexit deal
Uploaded 14 November: Parliament to get binding vote on final Brexit deal
Uploaded 13 November: Tensions rise after leak of Johnson-Gove letter to May
Uploaded 13 November: Gove and Johnson send secret Brexit letter to May
Uploaded 13 November: Theresa May to meet EU business leaders
Uploaded 12 November: May faces defeat over meaningful vote on Brexit deal
Uploaded 10 November: Gordon Brown predicts Brexit 'crisis point'
Uploaded 10 November: EU cuts UK growth forecast as eurozone motors ahead
Uploaded 10 November: Get Brexit deal fast, business leaders to tell May
Uploaded 10 November: May warns rebels as Brexit talks set to resume
Uploaded 9 November: EU gives UK 'three weeks' deadline over Brexit bill
Uploaded 9 November: EU to block Brexit unless we pay benefits abroad indefinitely
Uploaded 9 November: Germans demand Brexit is delayed til 2020
Uploaded 9 November: We want our Brexit cash boost - NHS boss
Uploaded 9 November: Brexit is 'getting dramatic', says EU
Uploaded 8 November: Austria could favour powerful Visegrad group over Brussels
Uploaded 8 November: Swedish MEP says EU scaremongering over cost of Brexit
Uploaded 8 November: Brussels to lure Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to fill UK gap
Uploaded 8 November: No deal Brexit plans unveiled to make UK a free-trade power
Uploaded 8 November: EU is holding a gun to UK's head - former Greek finance minister
Uploaded 8 November: Brussels will force UK to abide by EU rules after Brexit
Uploaded 8 November: EU warns UK it has less than a month to make concessions
Uploaded 8 November: UK wellbeing rises after Brexit vote
Uploaded 8 November: Minister Steve Baker attacked over Brexit impact study 'delay'

News stories about Brexit have flowed thick and fast since Britain's historic vote on 23 June 2016 to leave the EU. They are far too numerous to continue to list on this page but have been archived to another page, available through this link, to provide a narrative for the process.

Upcoming events

Brexit Support Programme

Starting in January, and running one-day-a-month in February, March and April 2018, the Chamber has created a four-day Brexit Support Programme to help businesses navigate the uncertain waters of leaving the EU – now recognised as the biggest challenge to UK business since the Second World War.
Delegates will be guided through what is known about Brexit, its implications for businesses and what steps should be taken now to mitigate the potential impact of leaving the EU.
The first part of the programme consists of an impact analysis on the sales and marketing, supply chain logistics and procurement operations, HR, back office (IT and finance) issues that Brexit might cause.
This is followed by a focus on the technical change management, business remodelling and decision-making techniques required to address potential impacts.
The next part of the programme will consist of potential solution considerations and the final part will take the form of a discussion around issues raised by participants and finding potential solutions on a group basis
The programme would suit senior corporate personnel with an interest in Brexit from SMEs having an appreciable Import or Export or Labour EU content in their businesses.
Places will be limited to ensure content can be tailored to individual needs and will be based on industry sectors.
The courses will be delivered by Ron Mendes, Management Consultant at Prospa, the Professional Service Providers Alliance.
Ron is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors and Member of the Institute of Risk Management where he is a Member of its Audit & Risk Committee.
He is a Council Member of the CBI’s East Midlands Regional Council and Committee Member in the IOD’s East Midlands Region.
For further information, or to book on the programme, visit http://bit.ly/2mtRe1B.

Providing facts and clarity about the UK’s withdrawal from the EU should be the Government’s main focus.

Scott KnowlesScott Knowles, the Chamber's Chief Executive, said: “The immediate priorities for UK business in the wake of the historic referendum result are market stability, economic security and political clarity.

“Business thrives on certainty. What business needs today is to see the road map Prime Minister Theresa May and her Government plan to use to navigate our exit from the EU, it needs clarity on important issues such as the status of EU workers during and beyond Brexit, it needs to know what our relationship is going to be with the EU and non-EU countries, what trade deals are being negotiated - in short, business needs to know where it will see green lights and where it will face red or amber lights and it needs to be consulted on and involved in all discussions to turn all the traffic lights green.''

For full reaction, please click here.

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