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Summary guidance for promotion through the Chamber of Commerce.

We provide many different ways to help members promote their business, either through advertising or editorial.

Advertising is bought space. The advertiser chooses the message they want to promote, they identify the budget they have to spend, the markets they want to hit, they buy space according to that need and they put their message in that space. They are responsible for the content throughout. Advertising can be submitted in many forms but for printed material pdfs are desirable.

Editorial is free publishing space. The business issues a press release and, if available, pictures which tells their story. Press releases are news-led, ie, the business must have done something worth telling other members and the wider public about. New websites, minor rebrands, new colour schemes and the like are rarely considered newsworthy unless you are a big, nationally recognised company spending a lot of money.

When considering the news value of your story, ask yourself if you would want to read about somebody else doing what you’ve done. If the answer’s ‘no’ then it’s doubtful anyone will want to read about you doing it. Harsh, but true.

When you have a story to tell, send a press release, in word doc form, along with pictures in jpg form at about 2mb, to mgzn@m-n.ouaaieecdlc.k and it will be considered for publication. Submission is no guarantee of publication.

Editorial prerogative rests solely with the Editor of the medium in which the story might be published, that means the Editor has the right to cut, sub, re-arrange the copy and to use the pictures as they see fit, so long as the context of the information is not changed.

Advertorial, as the name suggests, is a middle ground between editorial and advertising. It is bought advertising space but the content is designed to look like editorial. The advertiser writes the copy, can design the layout and is responsible for the content throughout. Somewhere on the display there must be reference to it being an advertisement. This is vital as in the event of any legal consequence of publication, libel for example, it is the advertiser, not the editor, who is culpable.

Business Network is the members’ magazine for the Chamber of Commerce. It is direct-mailed to principal contacts on our database across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire and widely distributed beyond that. Distribution includes national, regional and local media (with permission to treat all editorial content as a press release), MPs including the Cabinet, local authority leaders and more.

It is held on deposit by several libraries, including the British Library and those of leading universities.

Publication is ten times a year (monthly with the exception of August and January).

The magazine is published for the Chamber by Kemps Publishing, of Birmingham. The publisher takes responsibility for all advertising and some ad-led sales features.

Members’ Briefing

is an advice newsletter which is published ten times a year online. Principal contacts at all members are sent a link to the latest edition.

There is currently no advertising in Members’ Briefing.


is the website for East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire).

Advertising and editorial promotion opportunities are available.

There are also member-to-member offer opportunities and jobs can be advertised.

There are no charges for offers or jobs. There are display and content criteria governing both.

Editorial submitted to mgzn@m-n.ouaaieecdlc.k will be considered for all the Chamber’s publishing platforms, including the website and eshots.

Advertising other than members’ offers and jobs is paid for. Editorial is free. Editorial prerogative rests with the Chamber. Again, submission does not guarantee inclusion.


are digital dissemination of information we believe to be of value to members and affiliates.

We have a schedule which includes on average one eshot every working day.

Banner advertising is available, with rules governing size and shape.

The eshots are editorially-led (therefore editorial prerogative rests with the Chamber and submission does not guarantee inclusion) and cover subjects such as forthcoming events, training opportunities and members’ news.

Advertising is paid for, editorial is free.

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