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Brexit - as the story unfolded

News stories about Brexit have flowed thick and fast since the UK's historic vote on 23 June 2016 to leave the EU.

This page, which lists some of those stories and links the reader back to the originals, offers an almost day-by-day narrative of how the saga evolved.

The Chamber is not responsible for the content of third party websites, nor for ensuring that links remain functional.


Uploaded 17 April: French leader Macron warns nationalism could tear EU apart
Uploaded 17 April: Selmayr promotion prompts huge EU challenge
Uploaded 17 April: Italy's wine industry fears Brexit and demands free trade
Uploaded 17 April: 'Rife misuse' of data by Leave.EU, MPs told
Uploaded 17 April: Fake news inquiry raises concerns over targeting of voters
Uploaded 17 April: Brexit legislation caught in parliamentary logjam
Uploaded 17 April: Windrush case fuels fears over EU citizens' fate post-Brexit
Uploaded 17 April: Devolved Brexit legislation referred to the Supreme Court
Uploaded 16 April: Second referendum won't happen - Remainers urged to give up campaign
Uploaded 16 April: Remain-backing Lords out to thwart Brexit once again
Uploaded 16 April: Fury as BBC offers prime slot to 'desperate' Remain campaign
Uploaded 16 April: 'People's Vote' campaign group launched
Uploaded 16 April: Can the Commonwealth be good for post-Brexit Britain?
Uploaded 12 April: Brussels cuts UK from EU finance model and reveals 13% shortfall
Uploaded 12 April: UK will get a 'better or larger' trade deal with Canada, says Justin Trudeau
Uploaded 12 April: Britons in France grill ambassador over post-Brexit rights
Uploaded 12 April: Green Brexit unlikely despite government claims, report concludes
Uploaded 12 April: Vulnerable EU citizens risk failing to secure right to remain in UK
Uploaded 12 April: Carmakers fear rising trade barriers after Brexit
Uploaded 11 April: Hillary Clinton wades into Brexit row with Northern Ireland
Uploaded 11 April: Barnier demands UK follows EU tax rates post-Brexit or face veto
Uploaded 11 April: 'We want seamless trade' - BMW chief's Brexit demand to Angela Merkel
Uploaded 11 April: 'I am furious' - Tusk on Brexit during landmark visit to Ireland
Uploaded 11 April: 'Bonfire of rules' mean more costs than benefits, CBI says
Uploaded 11 April: EU to seek 'non-regression' clause to tie UK to environmental standards
Uploaded 11 April: Labour says MP backs Brexit policy despite 'bollocks' comments
Uploaded 10 April: Labour's Barry Gardiner rubbished key Brexit policy
Uploaded 10 April: Keep close trade ties with EU post-Brexit, UK government warned
Uploaded 10 April: May's post-Brexit trade plan with EU dealt blow by key ally
Uploaded 10 April: Final Brexit deal '90% done' confirms David Davis in boost for UK
Uploaded 10 April: UK considers live animal export ban post-Brexit
Uploaded 10 April: Rise in number of Britons becoming EU citizens in 2016
Uploaded 10 April: Good Friday Agreement played up, suggests Labour's Barry Gardiner
Uploaded 9 April: India calls on UK to do free-trade after Brexit
Uploaded 9 April: Labour must call for fresh Brexit referendum - Miliband takes on Corbyn
Uploaded 9 April: Fisheries fear Brexit betrayal could wipe out industry by 2020
Uploaded 9 April: Top EU official praises changing attitudes among EU27
Uploaded 9 April: Blair urges Germany to do everything possible to stop UK leaving
Uploaded 9 April: EU leaders 'have accepted' that UK will not cancel Brexit
Uploaded 9 April: Spain hopeful of Gibraltar deal with the UK by summer
Uploaded 5 April: 'Where is the mandate?' British MEP rants about 'destructive' Brexit
Uploaded 5 April: Vauxhall commits to UK post-Brexit with deal for new vans
Uploaded 5 April: MPs fail to decide what future of UK outside the EU looks like
Uploaded 5 April: Fifteen tests Remainers say Brexit deal must pass
Uploaded 5 April: 'UK ignorance is harming Brexit' - expert demands Brexiteers 'wise up'
Uploaded 5 April: Italy crisis to rock EU - election likely - Presidential talks doomed to fail
Uploaded 5 April: Barclays boss - Brexit will allow UK to take control and benefit economy
Uploaded 4 April: UK should think about staying in EEA
Uploaded 4 April: Remainer MPs' report is attempt to reverse EU exit, blasts Rees-Mogg
Uploaded 4 April: Ex-ECB chief claims EU still 'wishing' UK remains
Uploaded 4 April: UK should not rule out free trade deal with Europe, say MPs

Uploaded 29 March: Blair's immigration policy is blamed for Brexit, probe finds
Uploaded 29 March: Brexit will give UK new opportunities, says May
Uploaded 29 March: UK hopes to roll over 40 EU trade deals, says Liam Fox
Uploaded 29 March: The EU perspective on the one-year countdown
Uploaded 29 March: May -Brexit allows more spending on NHS and schools
Uploaded 29 March: Brexit Checklist launched by new Brexit Advisory Group
Uploaded 28 March: 'We will have a proper Brexit' - Rees-Mogg hails future outside EU
Uploaded 28 March: EU plans to exploit transition deal to keep UK tied to bloc
Uploaded 28 March: Gibraltar's border with EU must stay open, Lords say
Uploaded 28 March: EU referendum won through fraud, whistleblower tells MPs
Uploaded 28 March: 'Still a lot to do' on UK and EU security deal
Uploaded 28 March: Cheating may have swayed Brexit poll - Christopher Wylie
Uploaded 27 March: Blair admits people 'knew why they voted for Brexit'
Uploaded 27 March: Ministers accused of stalling over post-Brexit environment watchdog
Uploaded 27 March: Brexit official tasked with solving Irish border issue quits
Uploaded 27 March: MPs must 'agree' Brexit outcome, Labour says
Uploaded 27 March: MPs to debate Vote Leave Brexit spending allegations
Uploaded 26 March: Soft Brexit will be biggest 'national humiliation since Suez' - Mogg
Uploaded 26 March: EU threat - any attempt to trade with USA will be 'unacceptable'
Uploaded 26 March: EU fishermen reveal plot to deplete British waters
Uploaded 26 March: EU to exclude UK from 'vital' £2.3bn military tech post-Brexit
Uploaded 26 March: Labour plot that could prolong Brexit negotiations 'forever'
Uploaded 26 March: Labour wants to amend Brexit bill to give parliament more say
Uploaded 26 March: What have EU leaders agreed?
Uploaded 26 March: Vote Leave broke spending limits in Brexit referendum, activist claims
Uploaded 26 March: Owen Smith 'stood by principles' on Brexit
Uploaded 26 March: Corbyn sacks Labour's Owen Smith over referendum call
Uploaded 23 March: Denmark PM demands access to UK waters after Brexit
Uploaded 23 March: Brexiteers urge May to keep 'no deal' plan on table fearing soft exit coup
Uploaded 23 March: Barnier refuses to speak English - 'I will speak French' on Brexit
Uploaded 23 March: Smith calls for public poll on final Brexit deal
Uploaded 23 March: May urges 'new dynamic' in Brexit talks
Uploaded 22 March: Dutch PM pleads for UK to stay in single market, admits EU faces chaos
Uploaded 22 March: May to warn EU leaders of Russian threat to democracy
Uploaded 21 March: EU chief Tusk not sure all member states will welcome transition
Uploaded 21 March: European banks preparing for hard Brexit despite transition talks
Uploaded 21 March: Australia tells UK to lose downbeat attitude to Brexit
Uploaded 21 March: Britain and EU 'sleepwalking towards crisis' by ignoring security fears
Uploaded 21 March: Inflation dips to 2.7% as impact of Brexit vote starts to fade
Uploaded 21 March: Michael Gove shares fishing industry 'disappointment'
Uploaded 20 March: Brexit done by summer - UK optimistic for July agreement
Uploaded 20 March: Ireland to bring talks 'crashing down' due to May's 'worst possible sin'
Uploaded 20 March: Spain will not hold Gibraltar 'hostage' in negotiations
Uploaded 20 March: May under fire over Brexit transition deal
Uploaded 20 March: May should reconsider transition concessions on fishing - Rees-Mogg
Uploaded 20 March: Brexit boost for consumers short-lived says IFS
Uploaded 19 March: UK and EU agree terms for Brexit transition period
Uploaded 19 March: Commons committee split over transition call
Uploaded 19 March: David Davis heads to Brussels for talks
Uploaded 16 March: UK defends secrecy deals for firms involved in border consultations
Uploaded 16 March: Grayling - No post-Brexit lorry checks at Dover
Uploaded 15 March: Eurosceptic alliance in Italy could pose a threat to the EU
Uploaded 15 March: Britain could be paying Brexit divorce bill until 2064, forecasts warn
Uploaded 15 March: Brexit trade victory - UK can agree deals during transition
Uploaded 15 March: Sharp rise in number of EU nationals applying for UK citizenship
Uploaded 15 March: Unilever denies Brexit is a factor as it picks Rotterdam as main HQ
Uploaded 15 March: David Davis 'can live' with shorter EU transition
Uploaded 14 March: UK holiday firms warn about risk of post-Brexit disruption
Uploaded 14 March: UK should stay in a customs union say German business groups
Uploaded 12 March: UK ministers want temporary control of devolved areas post-Brexit
Uploaded 12 March: Labour Brexit approach 'sensible' says Corbyn
Uploaded 12 March: Calais after Brexit 'could be ten times worse than Irish border'
Uploaded 12 March: Sir Vince Cable denies branding older Brexit voters racist
Uploaded 12 March: London property prices fall as much as 15% as Brexit effect deepens
Uploaded 8 March: EU demands 2.7bn euros of 'unpaid customs duty' from UK
Uploaded 8 March: Britain guarantees Gibraltar inclusion in Brexit deal
Uploaded 8 March: Hammond accused of 'betraying referendum' over fishing waters
Uploaded 8 March: Growth 'more important than Brexit'
Uploaded 8 March: EU will retaliate to US protectionism with tariffs
Uploaded 8 March: Brexit means drifting apart but we don't want a wall - Tusk
Uploaded 8 March: UK could reject any Brexit deal excluding financial services
Uploaded 7 March: EU threat to cripple UK exports while demanding Brits buy European
Uploaded 7 March: EU terrified of domino effect kickstarted by successful Brexit
Uploaded 7 March: EU chiefs giggle as Council rejects May's Brexit vision
Uploaded 7 March: May 'double cherry-picking' on Brexit, says leaked EU report
Uploaded 7 March: Trump says EU makes business 'impossible'
Uploaded 7 March: EU trade deal must include financial services, says Hammond
Uploaded 7 March: Verhofstadt - MEPs need 100% certainty on citizens' rights
Uploaded 7 March: Brussels should start listening to voters
Uploaded 6 March: Italian election result panic - 'Germany must get out of the euro now'
Uploaded 6 March: Australia ultimatum - leave customs union or lose lucrative trade deal
Uploaded 6 March: Gibraltar leader now backs May to get a good EU deal
Uploaded 6 March: EU warned not to put British lives at risk
Uploaded 6 March: Sinn Féin 'meeting of minds' with EU chief
Uploaded 6 March: Airbus may leave UK unless there is urgent clarity on Brexit trade
Uploaded 6 March: EU Brexit adviser deals blow to May's free-trade proposal
Uploaded 5 March: Theresa May urges EU to buy into 'ambitious' vision
Uploaded 5 March: EU set to expose differences with Theresa May in draft Brexit guidelines
Uploaded 5 March: Tories' Brexit unity fades as Heseltine slams May's speech
Uploaded 3 March: Not time to nitpick on Brexit - Jacob Rees-Mogg
Uploaded 3 March: May says Brexit will reduce UK access to single market
Uploaded 3 March: May gets down to business on Brexit
Uploaded 3 March: May urges Britain to 'come back together'
Uploaded 3 March: Blair - we should 'undo' this 'historic mistake'
Uploaded 3 March: 'Hard facts' for both sides in Brexit talks - Theresa May
Uploaded 1 March: Blair tells Brussels UK exit will seriously 'weaken' bloc
Uploaded 1 March: Davis threatens UK will not pay divorce bill over Ireland row
Uploaded 1 March: Sir John Major - give MPs a free vote on Brexit deal
Uploaded 1 March: Reality Check - what does the EU Brexit draft reveal?
Uploaded 1 March: A Brexit warning from one prime minister to another
Uploaded 1 March: Brexit withdrawal agreement row - real crisis or par for course?
Uploaded 1 March: UK's offer to EU nationals arriving during Brexit transition
Uploaded 1 March: Donald Tusk asking UK for 'better' Northern Ireland idea

Uploaded 28 February: Staying in customs union would be a sell-out, says Liam Fox
Uploaded 28 February: European Court of Justice rule will directly impact UK after Brexit
Uploaded 28 February: UK ordered to abide by all EU transition laws and have no veto
Uploaded 28 February: Don't break up Britain, May warns EU leaders
Uploaded 28 February: May 'will refuse Brexit deal that threatens UK integrity'
Uploaded 28 February: Nicola Sturgeon rejects offer in Brexit devolution row
Uploaded 28 February: No10 insists no hard border in Ireland after Johnson comments
Uploaded 27 February: Barnier to halt May's 'Narnia' Brexit plan as bloc mock compromise
Uploaded 27 February: Tories seek legal advice on vote after Corbyn backs customs union
Uploaded 26 February: Labour wants permanent customs union treaty after Brexit - Starmer
Uploaded 26 February: Labour alliance piles pressure on Corbyn over Brexit stance
Uploaded 26 February: Corbyn to set out Labour's Brexit plans
Uploaded 24 February: EU leaders debate financial impact of UK's departure
Uploaded 24 February: Donald Tusk - UK Brexit plans 'pure illusion'
Uploaded 24 February: May at risk of Commons defeat as Labour shifts on Brexit
Uploaded 24 February: EU shadow-boxing towards Brexit
Uploaded 24 February: Ministers conclude crunch Brexit talks at Chequers
Uploaded 22 Ferbuary: UK's Brexit transition plans released
Uploaded 21 February: Treasury is trying to water down Brexit, reveals former minister
Uploaded 21 February: Fishermen urge May to take control of UK waters before transition
Uploaded 21 February: Hard Brexit letter to May described as ransom note
Uploaded 21 February: Pro-Brexit Tory MPs set out demands in letter to Theresa May
Uploaded 20 February: EU scaremongers claim greater risk of cancer post-Brexit
Uploaded 20 February: 84% of fish caught off Cornwall go to France - only 9% to UK
Uploaded 20 February: Verhofstadt warns no final trade deal before Brexit
Uploaded 20 February: Czexit looms - Czech businesses warn Brussels
Uploaded 20 February: Secret plans to withhold billions in EU payment
Uploaded 20 February: Punishing states to plug blackhole will put EU at risk
Uploaded 20 February: Damian Green dismisses Brexit 'conspiracy theories'
Uploaded 20 February: Post-Brexit UK won't be like Mad Max, says David Davis
Uploaded 19 February: May - new security deal should be effective by next year
Uploaded 19 February: Kinnock warns Corbyn: 'Stop Brexit to save the NHS'
Uploaded 19 February: May's Brexit transition demand 'would penalise EU citizens'
Uploaded 19 February: Businesses flounder while Whitehall dithers on immigration
Uploaded 15 February: Juncker - EU superstate claims are nonsense
Uploaded 15 February: German MEP calls on Brussels to give in to Brexiteers
Uploaded 15 February: Redwood destroys Barnier's Irish border warnings
Uploaded 15 February: Clegg declares the UK will get none of the promises
Uploaded 15 February: Brussels in transition climbdown over Brexit punishments
Uploaded 15 February: Japan thinks Brexit is 'act of self-harm'
Uploaded 15 February: Boris Johnson says 'Let's unite around Brexit vision'
Uploaded 14 February: Austria warns Brussels to cut spending after Brexit
Uploaded 14 February: Clegg admits defeat and declares 'soft Brexit is dead'
Uploaded 14 February: Boris Johnson warns thwarting Brexit vote would be disastrous
Uploaded 13 February: Hard Brexit to make life cheaper, huge growth on way claim
Uploaded 13 February: EU firms believe UK will keep free movement and single market
Uploaded 13 February: Britain to leave EU by 31 December 2020 - three months early
Uploaded 13 February: May overrules Home Office to curb EU migration during transition
Uploaded 13 February: EU endgame is political unity not free trade - Johnson
Uploaded 12 February: MPs could block Theresa May's Brexit plan - Anna Soubry
Uploaded 12 February: Ministers to unveil what EU relationship they want for UK
Uploaded 10 February: Japan's man in UK says unprofitable firms could not stay
Uploaded 10 February: No-deal would trigger wave of red tape for UK hauliers
Uploaded 10 February: Transition period not 'a given', says Barnier
Uploaded 10 February: Lack of migrant workers left food rotting in UK fields
Uploaded 10 February: Soubry not sorry for telling May to 'sling out' Brexit MPs
Uploaded 10 February: EU leaked paper discourteous, says David Davis
Uploaded 8 February: May's inner circle 'divided over EU divorce strategy'
Uploaded 8 February: Official forecasts suggest economies throughout UK will be hit
Uploaded 8 February: Hard Brexit would cost £80bn says secret analysis
Uploaded 7 February: EU split over how to fill £11.5bn black hole after Brexit
Uploaded 7 February: UK seeking tariff-free trade with EU
Uploaded 7 February: EU to have power to punish UK at will during transition
Uploaded 6 February: Key 'Remainer' predicts UK will leave EU without a deal
Uploaded 6 February: ECB boss warns there could be no Brexit transition deal
Uploaded 6 February: Chinese businesses offer Brexit hope for UK
Uploaded 6 February: Customs deal key to 'soft' Irish border
Uploaded 6 February: Brexit 'technical talks' focus on Northern Ireland
Uploaded 6 February: Armed forces paralysis due to Brexit, Rusi warns
Uploaded 6 February: Michel Barnier - It's time for UK to make a choice
Uploaded 6 February: Trade barriers 'unavoidable' outside customs union - Barnier
Uploaded 6 February: Remove hard Brexiteers, ex-Minister Anna Soubry tells PM
Uploaded 5 February: No 10 rules out customs union with EU
Uploaded 4 February: Attacks on civil service reminiscent of 'pre-war Nazi Germany'
Uploaded 4 February: Rees-Mogg says Treasury 'fiddling figures' on Brexit
Uploaded 4 February: Theresa May under pressure over Brexit position
Uploaded 4 February: May softens stance on migration and foreign students
Uploaded 4 February: UK hit peak wealth position on eve of Brexit vote
Uploaded 1 February: Fox unveils China deal to crush Remoaners' forecasts
Uploaded 1 February: Juncker admits bloc war could erupt over trade talks
Uploaded 1 February: EU nations pressure Brussels to u-turn on punishing UK
Uploaded 1 February: Brexit analysis leak shows harm of tighter migration rules
Uploaded 1 February: May to fight EU transition residency plan
Uploaded 1 February: End obsession with Europe, Liam Fox urges
Uploaded 1 February: UK imports and exports in six charts

Uploaded 31 January: Backlash mounts at Brexit minister's 'insulting' comments
Uploaded 31 January: Ministers reject calls to publish leaked Brexit study
Uploaded 31 January: Don't just muddle through Brexit, ex-minister warns
Uploaded 30 January: GBP declines against EUR over leaked Brexit report
Uploaded 30 January: Britain will say no to EU free movement demands
Uploaded 30 January: French attack - Japan warned over trade with Brexit Britain
Uploaded 30 January: Brussels prepared for trade war with US if it restricts EU imports
Uploaded 30 January: PM urged to 'see off' hard Brexiteers amid Tory divisions
Uploaded 30 January: House of Fraser boss wants Brexit 'signal'
Uploaded 30 January: May on China trip to boost 'golden era' of trade ties
Uploaded 30 January: EU agrees Brexit 'transition' negotiation guidelines
Uploaded 30 January: May told to clarify Brexit stance or face no-confidence vote
Uploaded 30 January: EU Withdrawal Bill fundamentally flawed, say peers
Uploaded 30 January: Conservatives 'must come together', says David Lidington
Uploaded 26 January: May disowns Hammond's remarks as MPs rebel over Brexit
Uploaded 26 January: David Davis to set out EU transition hopes
Uploaded 26 January: Goldman Sachs boss warns on irreversible Brexit plans
Uploaded 25 January: Italian PM says EU needs UK's financial services in trade deal
Uploaded 25 January: Expert reveals why next two months are CRUCIAL for Brexit Britain
Uploaded 25 January: IMF shuns Brexit Britain with latest growth forecasts
Uploaded 25 January: Chancellor issues bloc warning and says growth is 'beyond EU'
Uploaded 25 January: JP Morgan boss in new warning on Brexit job losses
Uploaded 25 January: Polish PM says UK must pay for EU access
Uploaded 25 January: Brexit's turned out 'less badly than first thought' - David Cameron
Uploaded 24 January: Pound hits $1.40 for first time since Brexit vote
Uploaded 23 January: Brussels could pay EU nationals' fees to stay in UK
Uploaded 23 January: Lord Lawson - Civil servants want to 'frustrate Brexit'
Uploaded 22 January: CBI calls for UK to remain in a customs union with EU
Uploaded 22 January: UK growth upgrade could 'dwarf' Brexit hit
Uploaded 21 January: 'Irresponsible' to threaten Welsh refusal of EU bill
Uploaded 21 January: Corbyn under pressure to shift Labour policy on Brexit
Uploaded 20 January: Macron says 'special' UK deal possible
Uploaded 20 January: Macron rebuffs post-Brexit City deal unless UK pays into EU
Uploaded 20 January: UK and France sign new treaty over Calais migrants
Uploaded 18 January: UK MEP warns France is sabotaging Brexit
Uploaded 18 January: May urged to stand strong over unlimited free movement post-Brexit
Uploaded 18 January: Macron wants to drain jobs from UK warns ex-ambassador
Uploaded 18 January: UK university could access EU funds post-Brexit
Uploaded 17 January: Poll finds barely a third of Scots want Indyref2 over Brexit
Uploaded 17 January: Brexit is catastrophic, Juncker admits
Uploaded 17 January: Switzerland preparing referendum to end EU free movement
Uploaded 17 January: Conservatives urge 'unity' ahead of EU bill vote
Uploaded 15 January: EU over in ten years
Uploaded 15 January: United States of Europe - German minister unveils vision for take over
Uploaded 15 January: Labour MP calls for 2nd Brexit vote minutes after Corbyn ruled it out
Uploaded 15 January: Nicky Morgan doesn't want a second referendum
Uploaded 15 January: Brexiteers 'won vote but lost war' warns former Tory MP
Uploaded 15 January: Davis snubbed - fears Brexit chief being forced out of talks
Uploaded 15 January: Barnier to meet the Remainers - Soubry, Umunna and Grieve
Uploaded 15 January: UK and France may drift apart after Brexit - former ambassador
Uploaded 15 January: Sturgeon to decide on pushing for indyref2 by end of year
Uploaded 15 January: Brexit vote could now be reversed, admits Nigel Farage
Uploaded 15 January: Trump row could kill off swift post-Brexit trade deal
Uploaded 15 January: Davidson 'frustrated' by Brexit bill delay
Uploaded 15 January: Pound hits highest level since Brexit vote
Uploaded 12 January: Britain must abide by EU fishing quotas during transition
Uploaded 12 January: May - UK will not pay for access to financial services market
Uploaded 12 January: No one in Brussels wants a second Brexit referendum
Uploaded 12 January: HMRC 'hit by Brexit and Paradise Papers'
Uploaded 12 January: UK could lose half a million jobs with no deal, says Khan
Uploaded 12 January: Call for second Brexit vote greeted with glee by remainers
Uploaded 11 January: Hammond tells EU 'it takes two to tango'
Uploaded 10 January: Scottish Labour leader predicts election over Brexit deal
Uploaded 10 January: EU 'surprised' at UK no-deal planning concerns
Uploaded 10 January: Davis and Hammond plea to Germany over Brexit deal
Uploaded 9 January: Post-Brexit business plans to be debated by MPs
Uploaded 9 January: Davis threatens to take EU to court for harming UK business
Uploaded 9 January: EU members must fill £11bn hole as budget chief refuses cuts
Uploaded 9 January: Sturgeon - 'A no Brexit deal is unthinkable'
Uploaded 9 January: EU Withdrawal Bill 'incompatible with devolution'
Uploaded 8 January: May urged to stay in single market by 20 British MEPs
Uploaded 8 January: Firms may face upfront VAT after Brexit
Uploaded 5 January: Blair admits EU could crumble after Brexit
Uploaded 5 January: Nigel Farage to meet Barnier in Brussels
Uploaded 4 January: Corbyn's Labour 'aiding Tories', says Tony Blair
Uploaded 4 January: Farmers to receive environmental payments after Brexit
Uploaded 3 January: Ex-minister slams May's Brexit team strategy as 'fantasy'
Uploaded 3 January: Heseltine claims Brexit is 'most depressing thing' in his lifetime
Uploaded 3 January: EU should use Brexit to punish members who break rules
Uploaded 3 January: Swiss relations with EU worse than ever
Uploaded 3 January: Ryanair applies for UK licence as airline braces for hard Brexit
Uploaded 3 January: UK exploring membership of TPP to boost trade after Brexit
Uploaded 2 January: Brexit economy blues not worrying 'optimistic' business leaders
Uploaded 2 January: Davis says mandarins must do more to prepare for immediate Brexit
Uploaded 2 January: Corbyn told to 'step up' as SNP renews bid to reverse BREXIT
Uploaded 2 January: May's popularity plummets as public lose confidence and anger rises
Uploaded 2 January: EU cannot cherry pick Brexit deal Davis hits out
Uploaded 2 January: Tories heap pressure on May to stop EU concessions over Brexit
Uploaded 2 January: Priti Patel demands investigation into Remain campaign overspending
Uploaded 2 January: Brussels accused of sidelining David Davis in divorce talks
Uploaded 2 January: Adonis calls on Grayling to quit and slams 'broken' Government


Uploaded 30 December: Blue passports could send UK citizens to back of queue, EU says
Uploaded 30 December: SNP calls on Labour to keep UK in single market
Uploaded 30 December: Labour voters could abandon party over Brexit stance
Uploaded 30 December: Adonis resigns as infrastructure tsar
Uploaded 27 December: Concern over Brexit campaign tax demands
Uploaded 27 December: Hammond urged to publish Treasury's Brexit impact studies
Uploaded 27 December: German minister sees model for Turkey and Ukraine
Uploaded 22 December: British passports will be blue after Brexit, says Home Office
Uploaded 22 December: EU-rift Poland offers May backing over Brexit deal
Uploaded 21 December: Brexit transition must finish by end of 2020, says EU
Uploaded 21 December: Europe must not punish Britain says France's new leader
Uploaded 21 December: Britain tops Forbes list of best countries to do business
Uploaded 21 December: Tory Brexiteer - UK has moral high ground in talks
Uploaded 21 December: Brexiteers should not be branded 'stupid'
Uploaded 21 December: Rees-Mogg insists UK can leave EU before transition period
Uploaded 21 December: Gloomy Brexit forecasts for UK are coming true, says IMF
Uploaded 21 December: Gov't back down on Brexit date as bill clears key hurdle
Uploaded 21 December: EU's 'nuclear option' over Polish judicial independence
Uploaded 20 December: Gove 'warns colleagues to avoid re-run of project fear'
Uploaded 20 December: UK plans to soften impact on European banks
Uploaded 20 December: Hammond plays down Brexit rift reports
Uploaded 19 December: Theresa May condemns abuse of MPs over Brexit
Uploaded 19 December: No special deal for the City, says EU negotiator
Uploaded 18 December: UK banks says Canada-style Brexit is not good enough
Uploaded 18 December: IPPR proposes 'shared market' for UK and EU
Uploaded 18 December: May says she 'will not be derailed'
Uploaded 18 December: Tory rebels call for cross-party alliance for soft Brexit
Uploaded 16 December: Bank sees boost from Brexit progress
Uploaded 16 December: UK in Erasmus student scheme until at least 2020
Uploaded 16 December: May - I'm still in control despite Brexit bill vote defeat
Uploaded 16 December: May to back Brexit compromise to quell rebellion over date
Uploaded 16 December: EU leaders agree to move talks to next stage
Uploaded 16 December: Move to head off another Tory rebellion
Uploaded 16 December: UK must not be EU 'colony' after Brexit
Uploaded 14 December: Banks to shift fewer than 4,600 jobs out of London pre-Brexit
Uploaded 14 December: Italian Prime Minister demands 'tailor-made Brexit' deal
Uploaded 14 December: May heads to Brussels as Tusk faces EU wrath over migration
Uploaded 14 December: Government loses key vote after Tory rebellion
Uploaded 14 December: Transition deal is urgent, say select committee MPs
Uploaded 13 December: Tusk calls Brexit talks a furious race against time
Uploaded 13 December: Rebellion threat to EU Withdrawal Bill
Uploaded 12 December: Fears grow across the Atlantic over Brexit fallout
Uploaded 12 December: Gove - I'll make Brexit work for animals too
Uploaded 12 December: May says Brexit deal 'good news' for all voters
Uploaded 12 December: Corbyn refuses to firm up Labour's Brexit plans
Uploaded 11 December: Davis wants 'Canada plus plus plus' trade deal
Uploaded 11 December: May claims new sense of optimism in talks
Uploaded 11 December: Business calls for more clarity over deal
Uploaded 11 December: Gove - voters can change EU deal if they don't like it
Uploaded 11 December: May faces first Brexit bill defeat, say Commons rebels
Uploaded 11 December: Global powers lobby to stop special Brexit deal for UK
Uploaded 11 December: David Davis clashes with Ireland over Brexit deal
Uploaded 11 December: Breakthrough deal paves way for future trade talks
Uploaded 6 December: 48 hours to agree potential deal or talks cannot progress
Uploaded 6 December: David Davis questioned over Brexit impact assessments
Uploaded 6 December: PM urged not to let Eurosceptics 'dictate' talks
Uploaded 6 December: Iain Duncan Smith: EU needs to 'back off' or 'move on'
Uploaded 6 December: German banking regulator believes there will be Brexit deal
Uploaded 6 December: German firms may reconsider UK links without Brexit clarity
Uploaded 6 December: Labour attacks 'embarrassing' Brexit talks
Uploaded 6 December: Impact assessments of Brexit on the UK 'don't exist'
Uploaded 5 December: EU leaders must compromise to stop Brexit talks collapsing
Uploaded 5 December: BBC launches 'condescending' pro-EU propaganda video
Uploaded 5 December: Ruth Davidson demands Brexit is same for ALL of UK
Uploaded 5 December: UK and EU fail to strike Brexit talks deal
Uploaded 5 December: Varadkar - 'We need firm guarantees on no hard border'
Uploaded 5 December: DUP derails Brexit progress
Uploaded 4 December: Brexit offer 'must be acceptable to Ireland'
Uploaded 4 December: Sturgeon tells May to ignore 'extreme Brexiters' at EU summit
Uploaded 4 December: Brussels may include 'punishment clause' in trade deal
Uploaded 4 December: EU's net starts to close on tax havens
Uploaded 4 December: Tony Blair confirms he is working to reverse Brexit
Uploaded 4 December: May fails to strike Brexit border deal with Irish government
Uploaded 4 December: Impact on UK pharma industry to be investigated
Uploaded 1 December: Brexit talks may jeopardise DUP-Tory deal
Uploaded 1 December: Net migration falls by more than 100,000 after Brexit vote

Uploaded 30 November: Brussels says Brexit bill doesn't buy a trade deal
Uploaded 30 November: EU cap on bankers' bonuses 'could be scrapped after Brexit'
Uploaded 29 November: UK divorce bill offer worth up to 50bn euros
Uploaded 29 November: Government studies handed to MPs amid secrecy row
Uploaded 29 November: Construction bodies warn of Brexit 'cliff edge' skills gap
Uploaded 28 November: Irish warn Theresa May to change course or risk Brexit chaos
Uploaded 28 November: Davis could be in contempt of Parliament over Brexit studies
Uploaded 28 November: Brexit 'impact assessment' row isn't going away
Uploaded 27 November: Australia knocks UK Brexit trade plan
Uploaded 27 November: Ministers to launch UK's post-Brexit economy plan
Uploaded 24 November: Both sides need to 'step forward' says May
Uploaded 24 November: 'Bombshell' for UK's European Capital of Culture 2023 plans
Uploaded 23 November: Rees-Mogg hits out at plans for UK to pay EU £3.5bn post-Brexit
Uploaded 23 November: Michel Barnier ignores UK's rebate in Brexit deal
Uploaded 23 November: Gibraltar heading for abrupt exit from single market
Uploaded 22 November: Brexit divorce settlement possible in three weeks
Uploaded 22 November: Government backs down over EU human rights
Uploaded 21 November: Brussels' Brexit slap down - £36bn won't kickstart talks
Uploaded 21 November: Don't test us, David Davis warns Brussels
Uploaded 21 November: Electoral Commission reopens probe into Vote Leave
Uploaded 21 November: UK 'ready to pay more to the EU', BBC understands
Uploaded 21 November: Brexit Minister David Davis reassures businesses on JCB visit
Uploaded 20 November: Public will 'go bananas' if Britain is made to pay EU 40bn euros
Uploaded 20 November: EU admits budget will collapse without UK contribution
Uploaded 20 November: UK aerospace industry warning over lack of Brexit trade deal
Uploaded 20 November: May under pressure to justify higher Brexit divorce bill
Uploaded 20 November: Merkel suffers blow as FDP pulls out of coalition talks
Uploaded 18 November: Ireland demands border promise before Brexit trade talks
Uploaded 18 November: EU gives May two weeks to act on divorce bill and Ireland
Uploaded 17 November: Brexit is causing tough decisions for smaller suppliers
Uploaded 16 November: May smashes opposition on EU Withdrawal Bill
Uploaded 16 November: ECB warns banks against Brexit 'empty shells'
Uploaded 16 November: Watchdog urged to look at Russian influence on Brexit vote
Uploaded 16 November: May 'close to offering financial deal to progress Brexit talks'
Uploaded 15 November: May wins first votes on EU bill despite backlash over date
Uploaded 15 November: Brexit secretary seeks transition deal 'early next year'
Uploaded 15 November: Ministers see off early EU Withdrawal Bill challenges
Uploaded 14 November: EU business leaders tell May to agree Brexit deal
Uploaded 14 November: Parliament to get binding vote on final Brexit deal
Uploaded 13 November: Tensions rise after leak of Johnson-Gove letter to May
Uploaded 13 November: Gove and Johnson send secret Brexit letter to May
Uploaded 13 November: Theresa May to meet EU business leaders
Uploaded 12 November: May faces defeat over meaningful vote on Brexit deal
Uploaded 10 November: Gordon Brown predicts Brexit 'crisis point'
Uploaded 10 November: EU cuts UK growth forecast as eurozone motors ahead
Uploaded 10 November: Get Brexit deal fast, business leaders to tell May
Uploaded 10 November: May warns rebels as Brexit talks set to resume
Uploaded 9 November: EU gives UK 'three weeks' deadline over Brexit bill
Uploaded 9 November: EU to block Brexit unless we pay benefits abroad indefinitely
Uploaded 9 November: Germans demand Brexit is delayed til 2020
Uploaded 9 November: We want our Brexit cash boost - NHS boss
Uploaded 9 November: Brexit is 'getting dramatic', says EU
Uploaded 8 November: Austria could favour powerful Visegrad group over Brussels
Uploaded 8 November: Swedish MEP says EU scaremongering over cost of Brexit
Uploaded 8 November: Brussels to lure Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to fill UK gap
Uploaded 8 November: No deal Brexit plans unveiled to make UK a free-trade power
Uploaded 8 November: EU is holding a gun to UK's head - former Greek finance minister
Uploaded 8 November: Brussels will force UK to abide by EU rules after Brexit
Uploaded 8 November: EU warns UK it has less than a month to make concessions
Uploaded 8 November: UK wellbeing rises after Brexit vote
Uploaded 8 November: Minister Steve Baker attacked over Brexit impact study 'delay'
Uploaded 7 November: Breakthrough - 40 non-EU countries will make trade transition easy
Uploaded 7 November: EU not willing to talk trade - but businesses demand urgency
Uploaded 7 November: EU is trying to blackmail UK into paying too much
Uploaded 7 November: Brexit impact studies not what you think, David Davis tells Labour
Uploaded 7 November: Brexit studies details 'will be published'
Uploaded 7 November: Trump adviser says UK-US trade deal means scrapping EU rules
Uploaded 7 November: Germans have contingency plans for the collapse of Europe
Uploaded 6 November: Ireland should quit EU to avoid mega hike in contributions - MEP
Uploaded 6 November: Punish Britain and lose £33bn from UK tourism, EU warned
Uploaded 6 November: French bank will move only 300 jobs to Paris in no-deal Brexit
Uploaded 6 November: New Zealand blast 'unfair' EU over trade deals
Uploaded 6 November: EU's Brexit time bomb - Brussels facing epic budget war
Uploaded 2 November: Economist dismantles Project Fear's attack on British economy
Uploaded 2 November: City could lose 10,000 jobs on day of Brexit, says Bank of England
Uploaded 1 November: Anger as its revealed EU is costing Britain £267m a week
Uploaded 1 November: Deep splits in EU over linking funding to compliance with EU law
Uploaded 1 November: World Bank - UK is 'better for business than Germany and France'
Uploaded 1 November: Think tank 'almost certain' Brexit vote has cost £600/household
Uploaded 1 November: Labour demands Brexit studies release

Uploaded 31 October: Juncker adviser predicts UK will accept Norway-style Brexit deal
Uploaded 31 October: Watchdog to protect students' right to pro-Brexit views
Uploaded 31 October: May under pressure to quit talks and leave EU with no deal
Uploaded 31 October: Eurosceptics fight back with demand for Barnier meeting
Uploaded 31 October: Fury as trio of top europhiles meet EU negotiator Barnier
Uploaded 31 October: Anger as Remainer Lords plot to stop UK leaving EU rights charter
Uploaded 31 October: HMRC 'dragging feet' - Brexit customs set up will take five years
Uploaded 31 October: Brexit could cost 75,000 finance jobs - Bank of England
Uploaded 31 October: Gov't not releasing studies into economic impact of Brexit
Uploaded 31 October: What do farmers think about Brexit?
Uploaded 30 October: EU bank may not fully repay UK's £billions until 2054
Uploaded 27 October: EU preparing for no deal Brexit, says Barnier's adviser
Uploaded 26 October: Transition likely to be limited to 20 months, EU officials say
Uploaded 25 October: May 'confident' MPs will get vote before exit
Uploaded 25 October: Toyota seeks clarity over Brexit 'fog'- fears for Derbyshire plant
Uploaded 25 October: The Brexit economy: the storm clouds are gathering
Uploaded 24 October: Outcome of negotiations 'up to UK' says Tusk
Uploaded 24 October: No transition period without final EU trade deal, May tells MPs
Uploaded 23 October: Labour demands changes to Brexit repeal bill
Uploaded 23 October: Air France boss says UK must play by the EU court's rules after Brexit
Uploaded 23 October: Tory rebels and Labour will unite over Brexit deal veto
Uploaded 23 October: Business leaders call for swift transition deal
Uploaded 23 October: Emily Thornberry predicts no deal with the EU
Uploaded 23 October: Expats given 'no disruption' pledge by Spanish government
Uploaded 23 October: UK business chiefs unite to demand urgent Brexit transition deal
Uploaded 21 October: Talk of deadlock is exaggerated, says Donald Tusk
Uploaded 21 October: May pleads with EU27 for Brexit deal she can defend
Uploaded 21 October: Pro-Brexit MPs urge Theresa May to quit talks
Uploaded 19 October: EU leaders aim to let Theresa May down gently over trade talks
Uploaded 19 October: Creative sector warns of Brexit threat to economy
Uploaded 19 October: May offers more assurances to EU nationals
Uploaded 18 October: Reversing Brexit would boost economy, says OECD
Uploaded 18 October: Amber Rudd calls Brexit without a deal 'unthinkable'
Uploaded 17 October: 'No-deal' Brexit likely to hit low-income families hardest
Uploaded 17 October: PM's Brussels trip fails to end stalemate - both sides harden stance
Uploaded 17 October: Brexit negotiations should accelerate, say May and Juncker
Uploaded 16 October: MPs move to block Theresa May from signing 'no deal' Brexit
Uploaded 16 October: Warning of constitutional crisis over EU withdrawal bill
Uploaded 16 October: May and Davis to travel to Brussels for urgent Brexit talks
Uploaded 16 October: MPs can stop no-deal Brexit, says Labour's McDonnell
Uploaded 16 October: UK farmers will 'grow more food' if no Brexit deal - minister
Uploaded 14 October: Hammond says he regrets calling EU negotiators 'the enemy'
Uploaded 14 October: War of words heats up as 'enemy' EU tells Britain to pay up
Uploaded 14 October: Philip Hammond says his remarks were a poor choice of words
Uploaded 13 October: EU withdrawal bill debate postponed as Brexit talks hit buffers
Uploaded 13 October: FTSE 100's record closing high following Brexit talks deadlock
Uploaded 13 October: Deadlock over UK's Brexit bill, says EU's Michel Barnier
Uploaded 12 October: UK will spend what is needed to prepare for Brexit - No 10
Uploaded 12 October: Medicines research warning over Brexit
Uploaded 12 October: How remain-voting Tories responded to new referendum question
Uploaded 11 October: Theresa May won't say if she'd vote for Brexit now
Uploaded 10 October: Brexit MPs angry as Theresa May accepts continuing rule of EU court
Uploaded 9 October: Conservative Brexiters turn fire on Philip Hammond's Treasury
Uploaded 9 October: Bank calls for Brexit transition deal by Christmas
Uploaded 9 October: UK retailers 'need EU workers after Brexit'
Uploaded 9 October: 'No deal' planning is well under way, says minister
Uploaded 4 October: May tells Tories it's time for Brexit infighting to cease
Uploaded 4 October: Boris Johnson: Let the British lion roar
Uploaded 4 October: Alan Duncan says migration 'tantrum' led to Brexit
Uploaded 3 October: Stop Brexit pessimism, Liam Fox and David Davis tell Tories
Uploaded 3 October: MEPs turn on UK and criticise internal 'divisions'
Uploaded 2 October: Brussels investigates UK over deported EU citizens
Uploaded 2 October: Business needs competence, not division, BCC warns
Uploaded 2 October: Business and backbench round on Johnson at Tory conference
Uploaded 2 October: Hammond acknowledges business fears over Brexit uncertainty

Uploaded 30 September: Boris Johnson urges two-year transition time limit
Uploaded 30 September: Miracle needed to advance talks, says Juncker
Uploaded 28 September: David Davis claims 'decisive steps forward' in Brexit talks
Uploaded 26 September: City firms urge free trade for financial services post-Brexit
Uploaded 26 September: Davis and Barnier at odds over Brexit bill and transition period
Uploaded 25 September: Scottish and UK governments to hold fresh Brexit talks
Uploaded 25 September: Fresh round of negotiations to take place
Uploaded 24 September: Corbyn urged to make Labour the pro single market party
Uploaded 24 September: Johnson forced May's hand on EU claim Tories
Uploaded 23 September: UK needs to clarify issues - Macron
Uploaded 23 September: Firms call for action after May's Florence speech
Uploaded 23 September: UK's credit rating downgraded by Moody's
Uploaded 23 September: May urges EU to retain trade terms for two years after Brexit
Uploaded 22 September: Theresa May to ask EU to be 'creative' about Brexit
Uploaded 22 September: PM bids to break Brexit deadlock with two-year deal offer
Uploaded 21 September: EU fears Theresa May 'will not be able to uphold Brexit pledges'
Uploaded 21 September: UK 'must find Irish border solution' - Guy Verhofstadt
Uploaded 19 September: UK reveals details of proposed new EU security deal
Uploaded 19 September: Theresa May in Canada for post-Brexit trade talks
Uploaded 19 September: Scottish and Welsh governments set out Brexit bill amendments
Uploaded 19 September: Vince Cable: Lib Dem leader warns of looming Brexit 'disaster'
Uploaded 19 September: Boris Johnson denies cabinet Brexit split
Uploaded 19 September: Fall in migration after Brexit could push up inflation, says Carney
Uploaded 19 September: May attempts to reassert authority after Johnson's Brexit claim
Uploaded 18 September: Boris Johnson and stats chief in row over £350m figure
Uploaded 15 September: UK and EU firms to urge faster Brexit deal
Uploaded 15 September: UK could need 5,000 more customs officials after Brexit
Uploaded 15 September: Young people fear for futures in Brexit Britain, says study
Uploaded 14 September: EU is happy with UK's Brexit proposals despite posturing
Uploaded 14 September: Juncker's United States of Europe quest - all without a vote
Uploaded 14 September: UK targets 'bespoke' deal with EU to protect City
Uploaded 14 September: May to set out post-Brexit 'partnership'
Uploaded 14 September: UK will 'soon regret' leaving EU argues Juncker
Uploaded 13 September: Transition deal should look like status quo, says Hammond
Uploaded 12 September: Europeans needn't apply: evidence mounts of discrimination in UK
Uploaded 12 September: Senior Tories warn May after vote for 2nd Withdrawal Bill reading
Uploaded 12 September: EU repeal bill wins first Commons vote
Uploaded 11 September: Workers' rights best secured by staying in single market -TUC chief
Uploaded 11 September: Ministers warn of 'chaos' if repeal bill rejected
Uploaded 10 September: Tony Blair wants tougher immigration rules for EU citizens
Uploaded 7 September: Corbyn facing rebellion for 'trying to scupper Brexit'
Uploaded 7 September: Tories turn up pressure on Theresa May over EU withdrawal bill
Uploaded 7 September: Ministers want 'ambitious' post-Brexit research deal
Uploaded 7 September: Businesses warn over 'UK workers first' proposal
Uploaded 7 September: No 10 seeks Brexit backing from business
Uploaded 7 September: Northern Ireland 'should have different Brexit deal' - EU
Uploaded 7 September: MPs to begin scrutiny of vital Brexit withdrawal bill
Uploaded 6 September: Leaked document reveals UK Brexit plan to deter EU immigrants
Uploaded 5 September: UK construction 'flirting with recession' as Brexit uncertainty bites
Uploaded 5 September: UK 'does not have capacity to strike new trade deals after Brexit'
Uploaded 5 September: Theresa May wants to intensify pace of talks
Uploaded 4 September: UK to be 'educated' about Brexit consequences, says Barnier
Uploaded 4 September: No interest rate rise for at least a year, economists say
Uploaded 4 September: Britain's aerospace sector could be priced out after Brexit
Uploaded 3 September: Don't be fooled - UK wants a deal, EU just wants a clean break
Uploaded 3 September: Furious Tory MPs reject Theresa May's threats over Brexit votes
Uploaded 3 September: PM appeals to backbench Tories over repeal bill
Uploaded 3 September: David Davis 'optimistic' over EU trade deal
Uploaded 1 September: Ryanair boss O'Leary angrily tears into EU 'big boy politics'
Uploaded 1 September: UK's approach to Brexit is 'nostalgic and unrealistic' - EU negotiator
Uploaded 1 September: Liam Fox accuses EU of trying to 'blackmail' UK over Brexit deal
Uploaded 1 September: 'Divorce bill' row frustrates Brexit talks

Uploaded 31 August: UK tells Brussels negotiators their Brexit bill sums do not add up
Uploaded 31 August: Brexit progress slow, warns EU Parliament's Verhofstadt
Uploaded 30 August: May heads to Japan to allay Brexit fears and lay basis for trade deal
Uploaded 30 August: Jean-Claude Juncker criticises UK's position papers
Uploaded 29 August: Labour's dramatic Brexit shift backs single market membership
Uploaded 29 August: Japan to seek Brexit reassurances from Theresa May
Uploaded 29 August: UK and EU negotiators call for more progress
Uploaded 29 August: Keep single market for transition period - Labour
Uploaded 29 August: Brexit campaign 'harmed integration,' MPs claim
Uploaded 29 August: UK and EU negotiators call for more progress
Uploaded 29 August: Manufacturers seek clarity over EU worker rights
Uploaded 23 August: Airports call for urgent post-Brexit deal on UK-EU flights
Uploaded 23 August: UK seeks 'close co-operation' on legal disputes deal
Uploaded 23 August: UK must keep 'half an eye' on European Court of Justice rulings
Uploaded 22 August: Ex-legal chief attacks May's 'foolish' claim on European court of justice
Uploaded 22 August: UK hopes of autumn trade talks 'will be dashed', says Slovenian PM
Uploaded 21 August: 'Hard' Brexit offers '£135bn annual boost' to economy
Uploaded 18 August: Euro slides on ECB currency concerns
Uploaded 16 August: Two-stage Brexit strategy derided by UK and EU politicians
Uploaded 15 August: UK suggests 'temporary customs union' with EU
Uploaded 14 August: Hammond accused of giving ground to pro-hard Brexit Tories
Uploaded 14 August: Philip Hammond and Liam Fox in post-Brexit deal call
Uploaded 9 August: Bank of England warns Brexit will put strain on regulatory resources
Uploaded 9 August: UK and Scottish ministers in Brexit powers talks
Uploaded 8 August: Brexit bill could be paid in instalments to thwart extortionate demands
Uploaded 8 August: Australian High Commissioner says post-Brexit UK will be a success
Uploaded 8 August: UK judges need clarity after Brexit - Lord Neuberger
Uploaded 7 August: Downing Street denies UK willing to pay £40bn Brexit divorce bill
Uploaded 7 August: Tory MPs to reject plans to use taxpayers' money for £36bn divorce bill
Uploaded 7 August: Vince Cable hits out at hardline Brexit 'martyrs
Uploaded 5 August: UK car industry facing an 'utterly demoralising' Brexit
Uploaded 5 August: UK 'must prepare a Brexit fallback'
Uploaded 5 August: Brexit could leave Britain with a bare larder, farmers warn
Uploaded 4 August: Brexit will happen: Juncker delivers blow to Remainers
Uploaded 4 August: Don't relax rules on City after Brexit, Mark Carney warns
Uploaded 4 August: End Brexit squabbles and nail down transitional deal, IoD urges
Uploaded 1 August: Nicky Morgan requests assessment of City's readiness for hard Brexit

Uploaded 31 July: No 10 says free movement ends when UK leaves EU
Uploaded 31 July: Tensions flare in cabinet over post-Brexit free movement
Uploaded 31 July: 'Brexit border chaos will cause huge delays and cost £1bn a year'
Uploaded 28 July: Midlands Engine can help Britain survive Brexit
Uploaded 28 July: More flexible workforce needed due to Brexit
Uploaded 27 July: UK-EU freedom of movement 'to end in March 2019'
Uploaded 25 July: How has Brexit vote affected UK economy? July verdict
Uploaded 21 July: Cabinet accepts Brexit transition will mean years of free movement
Uploaded 20 July: UK could return radioactive waste to EU without nuclear deal
Uploaded 20 July: No-deal Brexit would spawn 'legal morass and economic disaster'
Uploaded 20 July: British and EU negotiators to outline progress
Uploaded 19 July: 'City will have to launch Brexit plans if there is no transitional deal'
Uploaded 19 July: Divisions exposed over £66bn Brexit divorce bill
Uploaded 18 July: David Davis leaves Brussels after less than an hour of Brexit talks
Uploaded 17 July: Brexit talks resume: Get down to business, David Davis urges
Uploaded 17 July: Former civil service head warns Theresa May of Brexit chaos
Uploaded 17 July: UK finally accepts it WILL have to foot a bill for Brexit
Uploaded 17 July: UK housing market shrugs off concerns of Brexit slowdown
Uploaded 17 July: UK 'sleepwalking' into food insecurity after Brexit, academics say
Uploaded 14 July: UK public finances face twin threat of Brexit and downturn - OBR
Uploaded 14 July: Brexit bill to cause constitutional clash with Scotland and Wales
Uploaded 13 July: Brexit plans could fall apart 'like a chocolate orange', says auditor general
Uploaded 13 July: Labour threatens to defeat Theresa May over 'great repeal bill'
Uploaded 13 July: Irish business leaders warn of 'calamitous divorce'
Uploaded 12 July: EU negotiator Barnier firm on citizens' rights
Uploaded 12 July: Davis snubs attempt to keep EU courts ruling in post-Brexit Britain
Uploaded 12 July: Vince Cable: PM seeking a Tory-Labour coalition to achieve hard Brexit
Uploaded 12 July: Political upheaval will lead to UK economy slowing down
Uploaded 10 July: May offering EU workers in UK 'second-class citizenship' - MEPs
Uploaded 10 July: May to invite Labour to help create post-Brexit policy
Uploaded 10 July: Superdrug owner looks to expand in UK
Uploaded 10 July: Brexit may never happen - Sir Vince Cable
Uploaded 10 July: Shoppers 'in the dark' about Brexit effect
Uploaded 10 July: Trump expects trade deal with UK to be completed 'very, very quickly'
Uploaded 7 July: UK to lose global influence after Brexit - Lord Hague
Uploaded 7 July: Brexit Repeal Bill faces opposition
Uploaded 4 July: EU send British workers away from 'sensitive' Brexit meetings
Uploaded 3 July: May's Brexit plan could hit rights of Britons abroad, campaigners tell EU
Uploaded 3 July: British officials drop 'cake and eat it' approach to negotiations
Uploaded 3 July: Poll finds that 60% of Britons want to keep their EU citizenship
Uploaded 3 July: Brexit: Labour rebels vow to continue single market fight
Uploaded 3 July: Theresa May has 'hamstrung' David Davis in Brexit talks

Uploaded 28 June: Back soft Brexit, unions urge Labour
Uploaded 28 June: British citizens in EU fear they will be May's 'sacrificial lambs'
Uploaded 28 June: Philip Hammond at odds with David Davis over Brexit transition
Uploaded 19 June: Brussels officials expect slow progress as EU talks start
Uploaded 19 June: Brexit negotiations: Barnier rules out 'concessions'
Uploaded 15 June: Duke of York: UK firms should make best of Brexit
Uploaded 15 June: Brexit negotiations to start on Monday
Uploaded 14 June: Pro-Brussels stitch-up on Brexit is already under way
Uploaded 14 June: Hammond flexes muscles over Brexit
Uploaded 13 June: PM 'must listen' to other parties over Brexit says Cameron
Uploaded 13 June: EU to hand Britain £58m bill to knock down its HQ - then rebuild it
Uploaded 13 June: EU chief Michel Barnier mocks Britain over Brexit turmoil
Uploaded 12 June: EU threatens year-long delay in Brexit talks over UK's negotiating stance
Uploaded 9 June: Donald Tusk: 'No time to lose' in Brexit negotiations
Uploaded 9 June: UK economy falls to bottom of EU growth league
Uploaded 9 June: Pound plunges amid fears over Brexit delays
Uploaded 5 June: UK infrastructure projects could be hit by European Investment Bank concerns (party political comments included in this piece are the views of the author/the Guardian and should not be construed as the views of the Chamber)
Uploaded 5 June: Fear of Brexit brain drain as EU nationals leave British universities (party political comments included in this piece are the views of the author/the Guardian and should not be construed as the views of the Chamber)
Uploaded 5 June: Finally, the 'scaremongers' of Brexit are being proved right
Uploaded 1 June: Brexit expat pensioners 'may cost NHS millions'

Uploaded 26 May: Brexit economy: workers face squeeze but firms remain upbeat
Uploaded 19 May: Brexit talks could collapse over UK divorce bill, says EU negotiator
Uploaded 17 May: Brexit boost as ECJ rules trade deals do not require extra ratification
Uploaded 15 May: Jobs market will suffer a Brexit slowdown, say experts
Uploaded 15 May: Emmanuel Macron inauguration: French president vows new start
Uploaded 12 May: Brexit hangs heavy over Bank of England forecast
Uploaded 12 May: MEPs will block any Brexit deal threatening EU citizens' rights
Uploaded 11 May: EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier to address Irish Parliament
Uploaded 5 May: David Davis: European Commission trying to bully UK
Uploaded 4 May: 'The six Brexit traps that will defeat Theresa May'
Uploaded 4 May: UK and EU at odds over size of 'divorce bill'
Uploaded 3 May: UK food sector faces enormous challenges post-Brexit, say peers
Uploaded 3 May: Juncker will find me 'bloody difficult woman' in Brexit talks, says May
Uploaded 2 May: May dismisses reports of frosty dinner with EU chief as 'Brussels gossip'
Uploaded 2 May: UK 'will not enter into briefing war' with EC
Uploaded 2 May: EU demands 'serious UK response' on citizens' rights
Uploaded 2 May: Donald Tusk says EU-27 must remain united

Uploaded 29 April: EU holds summit without UK to formalise strategy
Uploaded 28 April: UK carmakers 'sitting on their hands' rather than investing
Uploaded 28 April: Europe could allow a united Ireland to join EU after Brexit
Uploaded 24 April: What does French result mean for Brexit?
Uploaded 21 April: EU would welcome UK back if voters overturn Brexit
Uploaded 20 April: Brexit's unpredictable outcome poses risk to global stability, says IMF
Uploaded 19 April: May's election call to show EU that Brexit really means Brexit
Uploaded 18 April: PM observes 'coming together' after Brexit in Easter message
Uploaded 13 April: EU migrants make up 11% of manufacturing workforce - ONS
Uploaded 10 April: Post-Brexit-vote surge for UK economy comes to an end
Uploaded 10 April: Outlook for City after Brexit 'has improved'
Uploaded 10 April: Ford sees a future in UK after Brexit, says CEO Mark Fields
Uploaded 10 April: Inflation and wage figures to underline Brexit strain on Britons
Uploaded 7 April: Ryanair 'will have to suspend UK flights' without early Brexit aviation deal
Uploaded 7 April: UK won't negotiate away Gibraltar sovereignty, May tells Tusk
Uploaded 7 April: Theresa May and Donald Tusk 'seek to lower Brexit tensions'
Uploaded 7 April: UK 'must be ready to vote against EU measures'
Uploaded 5 April: Officials urged to be more 'savvy' when hiring Brexit consultants
Uploaded 5 April: Tory MPs disown 'negative' Brexit findings by own committee

Uploaded 31 March: UK moves to calm European nerves over post-Brexit security cooperation
Uploaded 31 March: EU's Tusk to issue negotiation guidelines
Uploaded 30 March: UK sets out plans to replace all EU laws
Uploaded 29 March: Article 50: May signs letter that will trigger Brexit
Uploaded 28 March: UK backing away from threat to leave with no deal, say EU diplomats
Uploaded 28 March: Immigration should rise and fall after Brexit, David Davis says
Uploaded 27 March: PM says Brexit plan to 'strengthen Union' ahead of Sturgeon meeting
Uploaded 26 March: Starmer to call for united opposition if Brexit deal fails tough tests
Upoaded 24 March: UK retail sales shrug off Brexit fears with February rise
Uploaded 22 March: May to get tough with Brussels in Queen's speech
Uploaded 22 March: Cost of living in London has tumbled since Brexit
Uploaded 22 March: Pro-Brexit ministers 'relaxed about leaving EU without trade deal'
Uploaded 21 March: Article 50 - Theresa May to trigger Brexit process next week
Uploaded 21 March: Brexit could place 'huge burden' on Parliament
Uploaded 21 March: BBC is 'failing in its duty to be impartial over Brexit'
Uploaded 21 March: Hard Brexit 'could increase cost of making a car in UK by £2,400'
Uploaded 20 March: Leaving EU legal framework poses risks for cross-border cases - Lords
Uploaded 20 March: Theresa May is warned of looming battle over devolution
Uploaded 16 March: Scottish independence referendum demand 'will be rejected'
Uploaded 16 March: Queen gives Royal Assent to Article 50 bill
Uploaded 15 March: Theresa May hails 'defining' Brexit moment
Uploaded 15 March: Tusk warns UK against 'no deal threat'
Uploaded 15 March: Compromise still possible to avoid Scotland independence vote - SNP
Uploaded 13 March: May hits back over Sturgeon's demand for new independence vote
Uploaded 13 March: Parliament clears way for Brexit talks with EU
Uploaded 13 March: Early financial settlement won't be 'forced on UK'
Uploaded 13 March: Nicola Sturgeon to seek second referendum on Scottish independence
Uploaded 13 March: Nicola Sturgeon to make 'important' Brexit speech
Uploaded 13 March: Brexit bill: Ministers expect MPs to reject changes
Uploaded 13 March: No-deal Brexit 'would put UK in worst trading position of rich nations'Uploaded 13 March: David Davis urges MPs 'not to tie PM's hands' over Brexit bill
Uploaded 10 March: Britons should keep EU rights post-Brexit - Guy Verhofstadt
Uploaded 10 March: Boris Johnson: UK should reject 'Brexit cash bill'
Uploaded 7 March: Theresa May heads for battle with Tory MPs over Brexit bill
Uploaded 4 March: UK 'not obliged' to pay Brexit divorce bill say peers
Uploaded 2 March: Ministers will seek to overturn Brexit bill defeat
Uploaded 2 March: Government defeated on Brexit bill
Uploaded 1 March: India says UK free trade deal will take years
Uploaded 1 March: Brexit means taxpayers need to support supply chain, says Nissan
Uploaded 1 March: Dyson shrugs off Brexit fears with massive UK expansion plan
Uploaded 1 March: May faces likely defeat in Lords over rights of EU citizens

Uploaded 28 February: Business Brexit priorities laid before Government
Uploaded 28 February: BMW considers making electric Mini outside UK due to Brexit worries
Uploaded 28 February: John Major attacks government over approach to Brexit
Uploaded 27 February: Heseltine vows to rebel in Lords bill debate
Uploaded 23 February: Barclays 'committed to London'
Uploaded 23 February: Thousands of doctors trained in Europe 'may quit UK after Brexit'
Uploaded 21 February: Peers begin second day of debate on Article 50
Uploaded 21 February: 'No deal' Brexit would mean £6bn in extra costs for UK exporters
Uploaded 20 February: EU citizens living in the UK could face legal limbo after Brexit
Uploaded 20 February: Jeremy Corbyn tells Tony Blair to respect the result
Uploaded 17 February: Tony Blair calls for people to 'rise up' against Brexit
Uploaded 10 February: Apple 'optimistic' about post-Brexit UK
Uploaded 8 February: Clive Lewis quits shadow cabinet as MPs back bill
Uploaded 8 February: Brexit bill set for final vote in House of Commons
Uploaded 8 February: Brexit will cost UK 30,000 finance jobs, says Brussels thinktank
Uploaded 8 February: May sees off attempt to give MPs veto over Brexit deal
Uploaded 7 February: Labour amendments to Brexit bill defeated in Commons debate
Uploaded 6 February: Theresa May: Don't obstruct voters over Brexit
Uploaded 3 February: Corbyn's team braced for fresh rebellion over Article 50
Uploaded 3 February: Brexit vote - how did your MP vote on the the bill?
Uploaded 1 February: MPs overwhelmingly back Article 50 bill
Uploaded 1 February: Brexit bill set to pass without amendment as Tory rebels back off

Uploaded 31 January: May to warn devolved nations they have no veto on Brexit
Uploaded 27 January: European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill (HC Bill 132)
Uploaded 26 January: Article 50 legislation published
Uploaded 26 January: May says US and UK can lead world again, ahead of Trump meeting
Uploaded 26 January: Article 50 legislation to be published
Uploaded 25 January: Rebel Tories want more say on Brexit as May loses at supreme court
Uploaded 23 January: Theresa May promises 'active' industrial strategy
Uploaded 16 January: May to say UK is 'prepared to accept hard Brexit'
Uploaded 16 January: UK 'could change economic model' if single market access denied
Uploaded 16 January: Corbyn - 'Chancellor's threats risk trade war with Europe'
Uploaded 16 January: Leaving single market would be 'devastating' for Wales
Uploaded 16 January: Pound falls ahead of Theresa May Brexit speech
Uploaded 16 January: Trump's first UK post-election interview: Brexit a 'great thing'
Uploaded 12 January: Bank of England may raise forecast for UK economy
Uploaded 11 January: UK in 'front seat' for US trade deal, top Republican says
Uploaded 11 January: 'Grown-up' Brexit talks urged by ex-EU commissioner
Uploaded 10 January: Pound falls to ten-week low after Theresa May's Brexit comments
Uploaded 10 January: May - Brexit can 'change Britain for the better'
Uploaded 10 January: Jeremy Corbyn warning over 'bargain basement' Brexit
Uploaded 9 January: UK at risk of Brexit 'catastrophe' warns Canadian trade expert
Uploaded 9 January: UK firms brace for further Brexit price rises, surveys show
Uploaded 9 January: May's hints at single market exit leaves Scotland sidelined
Uploaded 9 January: May - UK cannot keep 'bits' of EU membership
Uploaded 6 January: Civil servants demand Brexit workload pay rise
Uploaded 6 January: Chief economist of Bank of England admits errors in Brexit forecasting
Uploaded 5 January: 'Tough negotiator' Sir Tim Barrow is UK's new EU ambassador
Uploaded 5 January: May faces calls for regional immigration policy
Uploaded 4 January: Ambassador to EU quits and warns staff over 'muddled thinking'
Uploaded 3 January: Brexit - civil service faces 'bumpy ride' says union leader
Uploaded 3 January: Corbyn says he understands lack of trust in EU


Uploaded 21 December: Theresa May - Brexit plans to be laid out in new year
Uploaded 20 December: May wants early Brexit deal for expats
Uploaded 20 December: Brexit uncertainty 'corrosive' for science
Uploaded 20 December: Sturgeon - UK could stay in single market
Uploaded 20 December: Legal sector 'at risk' without Brexit guarantees
Uploaded 19 December: UK can't deport millions of EU nationals, report warns
Uploaded 16 December: EU leaders discuss UK's exit without Theresa May
Uploaded 15 December: Brexit plan will not be published before February - David Davis
Uploaded 13 December: EU nationals want guarantee they can stay in UK
Uploaded 13 December: Chancellor urges Brexit interim deal
Uploaded 13 December: UK naive to expect easy ride in Brexit talks - Lords report
Uploaded 12 December: Irish courts to be asked to intervene in Brexit legal process
Uploaded 12 December: BCC Economic Forecast - 2016 momentum not set to continue
Uploaded 7 December: May says she will reveal Brexit plan before triggering article 50
Uploaded 7 December: Brexit: EU negotiator says 'time's short' for reaching deal
Uploaded 7 December: Brexit court case: Ministers 'have no right to trigger Article 50'
Uploaded 7 December: Supreme Court Brexit case - 'No need' for MPs to get final say
Uploaded 5 December: Boris Johnson: Paying into EU 'speculation'
Uploaded 5 December: Brexit EU customs union deal possible - trade minister
Uploaded 5 December: Corbyn: Labour will seek amendment to any Article 50 bill
Uploaded 5 December: Supreme Court to hear Government appeal over Brexit powers
Uploaded 5 December: Top Tories: hard Brexit stance could lose us next election
Uploaded 1 December: Brexit: May says Tusk letter justifies expat stance
Uploaded 1 December: Huge backlog as EU citizens rush for British residency

Uploaded 29 November: UK unlikely to stay in single market, Tory document suggests
Uploaded 28 November: Iain Duncan Smith accuses Sir John Major over new Brexit vote bid
Uploaded 25 November: Department for International Trade's Autumn Statement settlement
Uploaded 24 November: David Davis says EU Brexit negotiator meeting 'a good start'
Uploaded 21 November: Theresa May wants post-Brexit UK at 'cutting edge'
Uploaded 20 November: Sixty Conservative MPs back call to leave single market
Uploaded 20 November: Drop Brexit case appeal, senior Tories urge May
Uploaded 17 November: Johnson ridiculed by EU ministers over prosecco claim
Uploaded 15 November: May: Britain has 'historic chance' to give leadership to world
Uploaded 9 November: Autumn 2016 Economic Forecast from the EU
Uploaded 9 November: Brexit Business Briefing, Derby: Overcoming Uncertainty
Uploaded 8 November: Scottish government seeks to intervene in Brexit case
Uploaded 8 November: Brexit court ruling appeal date set for 5 December
Uploaded 7 November: Brexit: Plaid Cymru launches campaign for answers
Uploaded 7 November: Respect Brexit choice, David Davis tells MPs
Uploaded 7 November: Brexit: Theresa May insists Government 'getting on with it'
Uploaded 7 November: Theresa May rejects calls to raise Indian visa quota
Uploaded 4 November: Gina Miller on her Brexit legal challenge: 'This had to be done'
Uploaded 3 November: Brexit court defeat for UK Government
Uploaded 3 November: Brexit: High Court judges to give legal verdict
Uploaded 2 November: Brexit vote will lead to cut in disposable incomes in 2017 - thinktank

Uploaded 31 October: Conference to help shape Britain's post-Brexit future
Uploaded 31 October: Brexit 'UK's biggest economic opportunity for decades' - DUP
Uploaded 31 October: Ceta: EU and Canada sign long-delayed free trade deal
Uploaded 28 October: Tony Blair: Options must stay open on Brexit
Uploaded 27 October: Encouraging GDP figures show continued growth
Uploaded 27October: Nissan to build new models in Sunderland
Uploaded 26 October: Chancellor may face £84bn black hole following Brexit vote
Uploaded 25 October: Manufacturing exports boosted by pound
Uploaded 25 October: Belgium Walloons block key EU Ceta trade deal with Canada
Uploaded 24 October: Ceta: EU 'not capable' of signing deal says Canadian minister
Uploaded 24 Octobr: May 'optimistic' she can get right Brexit deal for UK
Uploaded 24 October: UK must keep EU free movement, says Plaid's Leanne Wood
Uploaded 24 October: Brexit: leading banks set to pull out of UK early next year
Uploaded 24 October: Theresa May warned of constitutional crisis over Brexit deal
Uploaded 21 October: Brexit Minister meets D2N2 and Chamber
Uploaded 21 October: May tells EU Britain expects full participation until we leave
Uploaded 20 October: Theresa May to tell EU there will be no 'second referendum'
Uploaded 14 October: 'Hard Brexit' or 'no Brexit' for Britain - Tusk
Uploaded 13 October: Home buyers 'back after Brexit jitters'
Uploaded 13 October: Theresa May dismisses Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit 'shambles' claim
Uploaded 12 October: Labour renews pressure for Brexit vote with 170 questions
Uploaded 12 October: UK 'may still have to pay into EU even after Brexit'
Uploaded 11 October: JCB leaves CBI 'over Brexit stance'
Uploaded 11 October: Brexit: No vote on talks but MPs may have say on EU deal
Uploaded 10 October: Hard Brexit risks destroying UK's open economy, says CBI chief
Uploaded 8 October: UK will be first for trade deal - Donald Trump adviser
Uploaded 7 October: Flash crash sees the pound gyrate in Asian trading
Uploaded 5 October: Britain will be fastest growing G7 economy this year, says IMF
Uploaded 5 October: May insists UK economy can withstand Brexit turbulence
Uploaded 4 October: Pound falls as Brexit date is announced
Uploaded 4 October: Brexit 'rollercoaster' warns Chancellor Hammond
Uploaded 3 October: Repealing EU act will 'make UK independent' - May
Uploaded 3 October: May to trigger Article 50 by end of March

Uploaded 30 September: Commissioner - UK 'must avoid data protection Brexit'
Uploaded 30 September: Nissan boss: 10% tariffs would be 'handicap'
Uploaded 30 September: Honda boss - We want a fast decision on Brexit
Uploaded 30 September: 'British people made bad decision on EU' - Italian PM
Uploaded 30 September: Liam Fox predicts free EU trade post-Brexit
Uploaded 29 September: Michael Howard: UK does not need to be in EU single market
Uploaded 29 September: UK car firms 'want to be in EU single market'
Uploaded 29 September: What does 'hard' or 'soft' Brexit mean?
Uploaded 27 September: Brexit Britain 'highly attractive' to investors, says publisher
Uploaded 26 September: China slowdown is global economy's biggest threat
Uploaded 26 September: Financial sector has growing concerns over Brexit
Uploaded 23 September: Brexit trigger in early 2017, says Boris Johnson
Uploaded 22 September: House buying 'steady after Brexit'
Uploaded 22 September: Small businesses in negative mood for first time in four years
Uploaded 21 September: ONS report says Brexit vote has not affected UK economy
Uploaded 20 September: Theresa May dismisses threat of Brexit deal veto
Uploaded 20 September: May urges global measures to tackle 'uncontrolled migration'
Uploaded 19 September: Hard Brexit will cost City of London its status - Bundesbank boss
Uploaded 19 September: May calls for distinction between refugees and eco-migrants
Uploaded 18 September: Visegrad Group of EU states 'could veto Brexit deal'
Uploaded 18 September: May could start Brexit in February - Tusk
Uploaded 17 September: EU must protect its own interests - Tusk
Uploaded 16 September: Eurocrats claim UK won't leave EU if withdrawal is made difficult
Uploaded 15 September: Wage growth slows since Brexit vote
Uploaded 15 September: Jean-Claude Juncker wants free public wifi across EU
Uploaded 15 September: German election must not delay Brexit trade negotiations
Uploaded 14 September: Jean-Claude Juncker's 'State of the Union' speech was all about healing a divided EU
Uploaded 14 September: Dyson - leaving EU will liberate UK economy
Uploaded 13 September: Chamber, with law firm Eversheds, launches free Brexit legal helpline
Uploaded 13 September: Bosses more cautious on jobs since Brexit vote
Uploaded 12 September: Britons may have to apply to travel to the EU post-Brexit - Guardian
Uploaded 12 September: UK music industry plea to protect status during Brexit - Guardian
Uploaded 12 September: British Chambers of Commerce revises forecast downwards - BBC
Uploaded 12 September: Work permits for foreign workers an option - BBC
Uploaded 12 September: Firms must not use Brexit to cut jobs - BBC
Uploaded 11 September: How dare you 'talk down Britain'? - BBC
Uploaded 10 September: Fox claims business is "fat and lazy" - BBC
Uploaded 9 September: Autumn Statement 23 November with Brexit overtones - Guardian
Uploaded 9 September: Pub chain boss attacks 'lurid' Brexit claims - BBC report
Uploaded 8 September: UK housing market settles down post-Brexit, says Rics
Uploaded 8 September: Theresa May - UK will lead world in free trade, BBC reports
Uploaded 6 September: True test of regional post-Brexit confidence
Uploaded 5 September: Business needs clarity on EU workers
Uploaded 1 September: Manufacturing confidence returns with 25-year high

Uploaded 30 August: Inward investment figures show confidence in UK plc
Uploaded 24 August: Survey will reveal impact on business of Brexit vote
Uploaded 15 August: The Government will continue to provide money for long-term EU-funded projects beyond Brexit
Uploaded 10 August: Take confidence from Bombardier's £1bn contract win
Uploaded 9 August: Value of overseas trade rose in June
Uploaded 5 August: Collating data to build accurate post-EU vote picture

Uploaded 28 July: Business must be the focus of Brexit talks

Uploaded 24 June: Government Must Provide Withdrawal Roadmap Following Vote to Leave EU

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