Construction Industry Peer Support (CIPS)

A new innovative pilot project has been launched in February 2019 aimed at supporting the construction industry to improve the workers physical well-being and mental health. 

This project, lead by Nottingham City Council, is funded by the Work and Health Unit, a joint partnership of The Department for Work and Pensions and the Department for Health and Social Care.

The 12 month project will support 104 construction industry workers, both male and female, to develop ways to help them self-manage their conditions through physical activity and peer support groups.

Who is involved in the project?

Key delivery partners facilitating this initiative is Notts County Football in the Community and Self Help UK . Both prganisations have experience of working with people who have physical and mental health issues and will use this experience to engage and motivate participants.

Participants will have a chance to take part in a range of physical activities and/or dsicussion groups aimed at helping them to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle and given them tools to manage their mental health. Times and locations of sessions will be flexible to enable participants to attend whether that be in or out of work times. 

What is the project offering ? 

Importantly, this new service is FREE and confidential for participants to use and each group will run for an initial 12 week period after which the group can decide whether to continue meeting with support from Self Help UK to be sustainable. 

Participants will have free access to 24/7 online support from a reputable digital support service, Big White Wall, for people who are stresed, anxious, low or not coping.  

In cases where additional support needs are identified, referral to external support services will be made and in limited cases the project maybe able to fund rapid access to physical therapies to enable participants to stay in work or return to work in a shorter period. 

The CIPS project can also support employers to develop self-help groups within the workplace with practical help to set up groups and a construction industry peer support toolbox will be developed for future use by employers. 

When will the groups session start?

The first group successfully started in Februarym with further groups taking place in April.

Others are planned to start in May, August and November 2019.

The sessions are being offered at different locations at a varierty of times to suit different groups. All venues will be within Nottingham.

How to sign up?

Participants can self-refer to the project or be referred by their employer with consent,. 

Either way, please contact or call 07516 110215 (during office hours). 

Alternatively, contact Glenda Casteloes, Employer Engagement and Workforce Inclusion Officer, Nottingham City Council at  or call 07516 110215  (during office hours)

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