Benefits for your Company

ISPO is an initiative of the East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire). It helps to aid UK businesses in developing links with mainland Europe through the appointment of international students for short term work placements.

The projects undertaken by students allow businesses to develop new opportunities, solve existing problems and improve other important aspects of performance.

ISPO actively seeks students for companies through our relationships with European universities and from our extensive database of international students. The students provided by ISPO are selected to match role specifications as set out by our clients.

The benefits ISPO can bring to a business are wide and varied. An ISPO student can act as a native guide into new or existing markets, bringing a wealth of cultural, business and linguistic knowledge into an organisation. This can significantly aid UK businesses in breaking down traditional barriers to trade.

As well as importing dynamic, skilled students into a company, ISPO is also a cost effective recruitment solution. Host companies are not expected to pay a salary to students, who are usually eligible to receive EU funding from Erasmus+ grant scheme.

We have selected a range of expertise, abilities, skills and languages to give you a flavour on the kind of immediate help you could have in your organisation. We have already pre-screened all these new students and they are all waiting for an internship opportunity and interview.

Contact us today for further details on our students and to place a vacancy for a placement or for a permanent graduate recruit; , or telephone us: +44 (0)115 957 8757 - Ext 2141 or contact to discuss and to advertise your vacancy with us.