ISPO Costs

As ISPO is hosted by the East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire) a non profit organisation that aims to provide support services to business, we are able to offer our service for a very cost effective price.

To host a student your company will pay a one off management fee, according to the length of the placement. If your company is a Chamber member you can receive ISPO at a subsidised rate.  

The fee covers the administration of the entire placement, including liaising with representatives of the Host Company, creation and promotion of a job specification advertisement, searching for a student, interviewing students, arranging interviews with students and the host company help sourcing accommodation, placement reviews on a regular basis throughout and remaining as contact for student and host throughout.

Most EU-students are eligible to apply for EU-funding to support their placement abroad and for that reason, host companies are not expected to pay a salary to their students. It is expected that hosts will contribute financially towards a student's accommodation expenses and also meet the expense of a student travelling to and from place of work.

ISPO advices that in the East Midlands region accommodation expenses including bills should not exceed £400. However accommodation prices may vary in other regions.