Fraser Stretton

Fraser Stretton operates a unique, niche marketplace as the leading new build sales specialist for builders and developers across the nation. Delivering a special journey for their clients, the company is not one to simply list a property on a website. Their consultative approach means every effort is made to maximise efficiency every step of the way meaning Fraser Stretton clientele receive more for their money at each stage of the process. The hands-on team places itself at the centre of your development and have expert knowledge of what is required to ensure that new homes are developed and sold successfully by maximising returns.  They will aim to make a difference by communicating with architects all the way through to the marketing of the site and selling of the new build homes. But they don’t leave their developers once the sales have been made….They go on to manage their sites with maintenance upkeep for communal areas and warranty snagging for new build properties. Fraser Stretton is equipped with dedicated financial advisers, conveyancers and sales progressors who assist in the process as your site grows into the flourishing development you planned it to be.

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Twitter: @StrettonFraser