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With the UK yet to leave the EU, the myriad domestic issues that have been lost in the noise of Brexit, and the ongoing uncertainty, the upcoming election is arguably one of the most important for some time; not least for businesses.


Following the announcement of a snap general election, to take place on 12 December, the Chamber – an apolitical organisation - is committed to facilitating opportunities for its members and the wider business community in our region to ask the questions, and get the answers, they need.


The Chamber is also passionate about giving the business community across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire a voice in order to influence the future course for the region and the UK at this critical juncture. Below you will find details on upcoming hustings events being delivered by the Chamber, all the information on candidates standing in our region, the Chamber’s own asks of the new Government and any further election-related announcements from the Chamber. 



Taking place throughout the region, the Chamber’s free-to-attend hustings offer a unique opportunity for businesses to ask questions of their MP candidates during a campaign short on crucial debate time, given the nature of the snap election. Candidates from the Brexit Party, Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats are confirmed for events in: 

  • Leicester (26 November)
  • Derby (27 November)
  • Chesterfield (3 December)
  • Nottingham (9 December).

Delegates will hear a short address from each candidate before the floor is opened to questions; with each of the hustings lasting an hour and a half. For more information on the four hustings events, including the confirmed parliamentary candidates, please click here. These events are free to attend but booking is essential, with spaces limited.

Candidates in our region 


While there are too many individual parliamentary candidates for the 2019 general election across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire to list here, all standing candidates can be found by clicking the following link and entering your postcode


Click here for details of 2019 parliamentary candidates.

Our asks of the next Government


12 months ago the Chamber took a delegation of around 30 business leaders to Westminster to deliver a wish list of what they want from elected members and civil servants to 23 MPs.

The aim was to make Westminster and Whitehall more aware of what East Midlands businesses believe are the biggest issues blocking regional growth, including a perception of Brexit tunnel vision by Government since the 2016 Referendum.

The Chamber Manifesto - Growing the East Midlands Together - is broken down to four principle areas, each of which gives specific asks of Government. They are:

• Connect us

• Getting the basics right

• Realising our international ambitions

• Boosting competitiveness

With a general election – and consequently a new parliament – looming, our manifesto takes on more importance than ever.

To view the Chamber’s Growing the East Midlands Together manifesto and understand more about how the Chamber campaigns on your behalf all year round, please click here.



Reacting to the news that Parliament has backed a general election which will take place on 12 December Scott Knowles, Chief Executive at East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire), said:

“In a week that was meant to see the UK leave the EU, we now have, on top of the Brexit extension, the added uncertainty of a pre-Christmas general election.

“While many will argue a general election is necessary to break the impasse of a divided parliament, the cold hard facts are that businesses are now set to endure an extended period of disruption.

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Get in touch


If you have a Chamber-based query in relation to general election and/or lobbying and campaigning activity, contact the Policy team on 0333 320 0333, email policy@emc-dnl.co.uk or click here for more information.

For wider general election enquiries, contact the Information team on 0333 320 0333 or email info@emc-dnl.co.uk.