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ILM Level 7 - Certificate in Leadership and Management

Event Information:

Venue: Challenge Consulting, Nottinghamshire

Date: Thursday, 17 March 2022

Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Available To: Members and Non Members

Trainer: Challenge Consulting

Member Price: £2400.00+VAT

Non-Member Price: £2400.00+VAT

The level 7 is a prestigious qualification, at a Post Graduate level, which requires participants to invest in their own personal brand, to create organisation and personal impact through high level engagement, influencing, innovation and critical thinking. 

The course is for current and aspiring senior managers who wish to extend their skills and knowledge to make effective strategic plans to meet or exceed the expectations of various stakeholders and partners within the organisation, and who require to engage others to bring this about.

The learning will be underpinned by practical and applied research and the application of theoretical frameworks at the leading edge of management and leadership practice.   It will be a requirement of the course that delegates identify, research, analyse and create a plan for an improvement at a strategic level within their organisation.

By the end of the course participants will :

  • Recognise their own leadership and management development needs in the context of a senior level role within an organisation.
  • Have gained the skills and knowledge to used an evidence based approach to enhance their leadership and management capability.
  • Have the knowledge and skills to develop, implement and evaluate high-level strategic business cases.
  • Know how to develop and enhance their personal brand, and to harness greater impact through using networks and social learning
  • Know how to engage with others to bring about creative thinking, innovation and change within the organisation and to encourage growth mindsets and motivational drivers in others.
  • Know how to apply the increased knowledge and skills in a practical manner to benefit the organisation and recognise the role senior leaders fulfil in terms of how they “think” and “act” as role models for the organisation culture.
  • Have a raised level of awareness of the importance of continuous professional development and the tools to engage in it to work towards future career aspirations.

Developing the Strategic Leader

Part 1 - Induction & Developing the Strategic Leader  - 17 March

  • CPD. Where are you now? – Analysis of start points & reflective practice
  • GROW – considering your personal journey to date...
  • The Strategic Leader – sources of information & support
  • Journal – what is expected  + Action Learning Sets
  • Identifying Professional Networks
  • Creating a personal development plan & sources of support & guidance

Research and Study Skills - 31 March

  • Qualitative & Quantitative data
  • Referencing skills & critical analysis skills
  • Evidence based research – its purpose & good practice techniques
  • Conducting and planning an enquiry
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Defining the research topic & Objectives.

One to one Executive Coaching Session + Tutorial - TBC

  • Further refining of the research project scope / success criteria etc
  • CPD planning to achieve the most from the course.

Part 2 - Developing the Strategic Leader - Strategic Leadership - 28 April

  • Management versus leadership
  • Leadership styles
  • Theories of Leadership Traditional versus contemporary
  • The strategic leadership context
  • Strategic versus operational – the difference.
  • Tools and diagnostics to set and measure success

Part 3 - Organisational Context & Culture - 19 May

  • Organisational culture and context of leadership
  • The modern day leader and expectations and scope of strategic leadership
  • Structure of modern day organisations
  • Motivation in the context of 21st century working
  • Partnership & collaborations etc
  • Ethics and social value

Part 4 - Communications & Strategic Influence - 9 June

  • Understanding the flow of information, communications, giving and receiving feedback.
  • Assertiveness & impact.  The importance of personal brand and influence. 
  • Building on your personal/company brand & establishing networks/relationships
  • Diagnostic tools & frameworks for  self analysis
  • Understanding vision, and shared values.
  • Communications & EI for the strategic leader

Strategic Decision Making & Resource Requirements 

Part 1 - Strategic Thinking & the External Environment - 30 June

  • Strategic thinking & starter tools to help eg – McKinsey’s 7 S Balanced Score Card, Porter, Ansoff, BCG, Product Life Cycle etc.
  • Analysing the external environment and context of the organisation
  • Customer Groups and Routes to market
  • Delegates will have introduction to range of models and instructed to select those which best suit their enquiry and tutors to signpost to others

Part 2 - Decision Making & Critical Analysis - 21 July

  • Decision making frameworks; hard & soft problems; heuristics
  • Scoring matrices/ evaluation techniques
  • Negotiations and identifying resources required
  • Point of no return
  • Risk & use of risk registers.
  • Analysing and presenting data

Part 3  - Financial Analysis & Indicators - 17 August

  • Understanding Key financial statements
  • Making a business case.  Financial & resources- cost benefit etc.
  • Analysing Options (DCF/Payback),
  • Capital versus revenue (+ sources of funding)
  • Costing time and using external versus internal resource

Improving Product/Service Delivery & Performance - 15 September

  • Company performance and reputation, quality Marks, standards, charters etc
  • Measuring performance through the Customer’s eyes
  • Net promoter score Optimisation – minimal, optimum and maximum capacity.
  • Quality versus quantity and the effect on profit (Lean, JIT, Agile etc)
  • Understanding the supply chain and issues of “fit”
  • Collaboration models, structures and  partnerships for the 21st century
  • Understanding social value & CSR

Strategic Human Resources & Strategic Change

Part 1 - Strategic HR - 6 October

  • The learning organisation
  • Identifying capability and human resources.
  • Skills, knowledge and habits/behaviours.  Values of the organisation and how these flow through the organisation.
  • Succession planning – identifying future resource needs, & L&D Strategies
  • Strategic HR practice & governance. Works councils, action learning, employee forums etc
  • Coaching/mentoring pools appraisal and personal development methods

Part 2 - Strategic Change - 10 November

  • Models and theories of strategic change. Transformational versus incremental Collaborations/partnerships
  • Stakeholder engagement & creating a compelling case
  • How people react to change – planning & strategies to enable acceptance.
  • Human capital and the effects of changing expectations from the workforce.
  • Strategy, Policy, Procedures, systems, processes and compliance

Showcase & Presentation - 12 January 2023

  • Delegates to present their Project Enquiry and Findings to the group (and other stakeholders from the sponsoring organisation should they wish to attend) this will be done via Video conference with screen sharing. 

One to one Executive Coaching Session - TBC

  • CPD Focus including creation of a personal action plan.
  • Professional discussion on any areas outstanding on the course
  • Course review & feedback


1 x enquiry based research project of a suitable size and scope to demonstrate knowledge and application of strategic management & leadership concepts.  This should be suitably complex with a robust methodology and time frame and to make recommendations at a strategic level within the organisation and should be backed up by extensive research and evidence in order to add value to the organisation

A portfolio of evidence & reflective review of a) own senior management performance, to include a comprehensive analysis and plan for Continuing Professional Development and b) the extent to which the research project has through action, added value to the organisation.

Please Note : All assessed work will be based on own work situation and organisation and therefore delegates will require access to information from a business at a strategic level (either their own work place or another) in order to be equipped to undertake the programme.

Why choose Challenge and East Midlands Chamber

Fourteen contact sessions plus support throughout your learning journey ensures you maintain momentum on the course with opportunity to meet other participants from different sectors and organisations.  Support is available from tutors between delivery sessions.

  • Like minded participants all of whom are sponsored by their organisation ensures you will have the opportunity to build your network and share and compare against best practice.
  • An excellent track record for delivery of consistently high standards in design, delivery and assessment over a number of years and described as an “exemplar” centre by the ILM External Verifier.
  • Challenge has been the largest centre for ILM qualifications in the East Midlands since 2013, registering more delegates onto ILM programmes than any other centre.  We are an approved supplier of ILM programmes for many large organisations who nominate staff members to access our training programmes year on year.


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