Developing Skills

Skills Audit

Identifying the right role and skills when looking to hire an apprentice is hugely important. Our skills audits help identify where an apprentice can add maximum value.

An effective and thorough skills audit is a great way to identify both the existing set of skills currently within your business but also, crucially, skills and knowledge the business could benefit from.

The Chamber’s skills audits, conducted by specialist and experienced practitioners, can offer comprehensive bespoke audits to help you make an informed decision on where an apprentice can be best utilised – ensuring you have the right person and that that person is in the right role for them.

For more information on the Chamber’s skills audits and to discuss how this could be of benefit to your business, please contact our Apprenticeships team on 0333 320 0333 ext  2241 or contact Pieter Eksteen, at


As well as helping identify training needs and solutions for the existing workforce, we also provide employers with a dedicated recruitment resource to help design and implement Apprenticeship recruitment campaigns.

Our service helps employers reduce the cost of bringing new talent into their business and includes arranging advertisements on the nationally-recognised Apprenticeship Vacancies website (needs to link). This is where all Apprenticeship opportunities in England are advertised, which means that any individual who is interested in Apprenticeships will be actively searching the site.

Recruiting an apprentice couldn't be easier.         

Step 1 - Job Description and Training
We will work with you to draw up a job description for your vacancy and agree the most appropriate training programme

Step 2 - Funding and Grants
We will assess your eligibility for funding and any wage incentives to support salary costs.
Training and qualification costs are funded by Government in most cases. If you take on an adult, however, you may be required to pay a small contribution towards training.

Step 3 - Salary Level
Our specialist staff will advise you on the Apprenticeship Minimum Wage and provide guidance on a suitable salary for your position given the type of Apprenticeship, level of job role and candidate specification you are looking for.

Step 4 - Advertise
When you recruit with us, we will advertise your vacancies through our established school and 6th form networks, Jobcentre Plus, National Apprenticeship Service and our extensive digital networks - all at no cost to you.

Step 5 – Shortlisting and Testing
We will short-list the candidates that best match your requirements and undertake a structured assessment and interview with each candidate, including skills testing.

Step 6 - Interview and Offer
We will set up interviews so you can select the most suitable candidate for your role, make an offer and then agree a start date.

Step 7 - Induction and Training
When your apprentice starts work you are responsible for their induction programme, you will provide on-the-job training and pay their wages.

Step 8 - Apprenticeship Training
Our industry expert will visit your employee in the workplace to guide them through the qualification and agree their training plan. There is also a requirement for the apprentice to attend one of our centres on day release.

Step 9 - Further Training
When your Apprentice has completed their qualification we will work with you to diagnose any further training requirements and agree a bespoke training plan for you and your employee.

For further details on Apprenticeships through the Chamber, call 0333 320 0333 (option 3) or email You can also follow @EMC_Apprentice , while learners can visit