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ILM Level 2 - Effective Team Member Skills - Two days

Event Information:

Venue: Challenge Consulting, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Date: Thursday, 3 October 2019

Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Available To: Members and Non Members

Member Price: £550.00+VAT

Non-Member Price: £550.00+VAT


This is a practical programme focusing on the elements needed to be a highly effective team member. The course, including elements of self management, how to make best use of your time, the role you play in the team and how your own character, personality and traits can be used to strengthen your team and its performance.

Most organisations rely on effective and efficient team working to enable achievement of organisational goals. This nationally recognised qualification offers an opportunity for the individuals to examine their own skills set, personality traits and challenges when working in teams and identify how to add value and enhance the contributions they make to the team.

Suitable for experienced staff who wish to understand about team dynamics and how they themselves operate in a team environment, and for newly recruited team members.


  • To equip participants with the knowledge, understanding and practical skills to become a more effective and efficient team member.
  • To recognise ways in which they can add value to the team and help it to perform

Course Structure

Day 1 - Introduction and The Role of the Team member - 3 October 2019

Why have teams and how do they work

  • Team formation and dynamics, how do teams work? Theories and how this relates to the real world.
  • Benefits of teams, why are teams a good idea? What makes a good or bad team?
  • Effective and efficient teams, making my team the best it can be. What difference can I make to my teams performance?

Conduct & values in the organisation

  • Personal brand - what people say when you leave the room
  • Psychological contract; perceptions, respect and dignity at work, what standards should your behaviour reflect?
  • Skills, knowledge, trust and respect in a team. Appreciating other team members & supporting common objectives

Time management – how do you spend your day?

  • The efficient use of time and identifying and eradicating time thieves
  • Understanding the bigger picture. Targets & objectives
  • Prioritisation the must, could, should and how to decide.

Day 2 - Developing yourself as an effective team member - 10 October 2019

Communication in the team and in the organisation

  • Choosing the right communication method for the right situation, how to choose.
  • Identification of barriers and strategies for better communication.
  • Non-verbal communication, why it matters.

Conflict and teams

  • Handling conflict and resolution of it, recognition of the stages and how to handle it, formally and informally
  • Ways of overcoming conflict
  • Personal conflict style and what we can learn from it.

Personal skills and abilities as an effective team member.

  • Making my contribution to the team more effective, so that our team objectives are achieved.
  • Reflection of each element on the course and applying feedback from the organisation to create a personal development plan.


1 x assessment covering the key themes on the course plus a personal development plan to improve performance as a team member.

Why complete the programme through the East Midlands Chamber in conjunction with Challenge Consulting?

Challenge Consulting are one of the oldest established ILM centres with a proven track record of delivering excellent programmes. For this reason the Challenge Consulting has been awarded “direct claim” status by the ILM, which allows assessment decisions to be made immediately by the assessors, due to their commitment to quality of delivery and ability to make programmes applicable and relevant to attendees.

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