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ILM Level 3 - Award in Leadership & Management - Six days

Event Information:

Venue: Challenge Consulting, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Date: Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Available To: Members and Non Members

Trainer: Challenge Consulting

Member Price: £995.00+VAT

Non-Member Price: £995.00+VAT


Achievement of this nationally-recognised qualification demonstrates participants' ability to work effectively in a first line management role dealing with multi-faceted projects, identifying and managing activities to bring about improvements.

Participants should be responsible for managing resources and/or teams of individuals within their role.

This course is delivered in an interactive way to appeal to a variety of learning styles and requires a real life project to be undertaken to bring about improvements within the organisation.

Programme content

We believe in creating programmes which develop individuals to maximise upon their potential within the workplace and beyond. For this reason all of our courses cover the core elements which we believe are critical to excel in a management or leadership role, and not just the elements which the ILM require to pass the qualification. If you complete a programme through the Chamber and Challenge Consulting you can be sure that you will have covered topics in sufficient depth and detail to equip you for challenges within the workplace.


  • To equip participants with the knowledge, understanding and practical skills to become more effective in their current role and to be more adept and planning and managing improvement projects
  • To provide confidence and competence to progress within a leadership role

Course Structure

Day 1 - Introduction  and The Manager’s role in context - 6 Sepember

  • Welcome & introductions
  • Recognising the scope of the First Line Manager role
  • The Manager in the organisation - the link to organisational goals and performance
  • Leadership versus management - the difference
  • Identifying your own strengths and weaknesses
  • How to write SMART objectives for yourself and others
  • Learning styles and how to enhance learning opportunities

Day 2 - Solving Problems and Making Decisions - 20 September

  • Understanding the key stages in problem solving
  • Creative thinking techniques and how to identify root causes and multi causes
  • Techniques to involve others in problem solving
  • Gathering and interpreting information for decisions
  • Encouraging and supporting innovation and how to manage risk
  • Visualising and sharing your ideas including charting and diagramming
  • Understanding costs and financial implications in management decisions
  • Formulating cost/benefit analysis to aid decision making

Day 3 - Planning and Managing Change - 11 October

  • Understand the forces for change including continuous improvement and quality issues - including measures of success.
  • Identifying the culture and climate within your organisation
  • Preparing and planning change - transformational or incremental?
  • How people react to change and how to support others
  • Handling conflict and negativity
  • The change process - communications - when and how to involve others.
  • Leadership in practice - leading others through change and being a role model

Day 4 - Tutorial & Briefings/Presentation Skills - 1 November

  • Team Briefing skills - good practice in planning, preparing and delivering briefings and presentations.
  • Identifying your presentation style and how to adapt this to enhance impact and reinforce your message

  • Verbal & Non-verbal communications.
  • Tutorial support & guidance

Day 5 - Getting the best from others - 15 November

  • Identifying your own motivational drivers and those within your team members
  • Team working and motivation
  • Creating strategies for increased positivity and motivation.
  • Managing Performance - setting goals and giving and receiving feedback
  • Corrective Actions - how to encourage and plan for enhanced performance
  • Capability or disciplinary - understanding the difference
  • Employment law considerations

Day 6 - Course Review Assessed Presentations and Personal Development Action Planning - 13 December

  • Each delegate to carry out an assessed reflective presentation to include :
  • A summary of their problem solving report
  • Their journey through the course - practical application
  • Future development needs
  • Course review and cose


  • 1 x work based problem solving report
  • 1 x assessed presentation

Why complete the programme through the East Midlands Chamber in conjunction with Challenge Consulting?

Challenge Consulting are one of the oldest established ILM centres with a proven track record of delivering excellent programmes. For this reason Challenge Consulting has been awarded “direct claim” status by the ILM, which allows assessment decisions to be made immediately by the assessors, due to their commitment to quality of delivery and ability to make programmes applicable and relevant to attendees.

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