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ILM Level 5 - Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring

Event Information:

Venue: Challenge Consulting, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Date: Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Available To: Members and Non Members

Trainer: Challenge Consulting

Member Price: £1595.00+VAT

Non-Member Price: £1595.00+VAT


A prestigious qualification for individuals who wish to become more effective at coaching and mentoring practice.  Suitable for line managers who are required to enable and develop others; those with coaching or mentoring within the wider scope of their role; and those who have an active interest in coaching or mentoring and may wish to undertake freelance work.

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Have a critical understanding of the role and responsibilities of the work place coach and mentor, including an understanding of ethics/values.
  • Have a deeper understanding of how coaching and mentoring can impact an organisation and drive up skills, knowledge, motivation & wellbeing
  • Be able to assess their own skills, behaviours and knowledge as a coach and mentor and how this fits with a coaching/mentoring culture.
  • Plan for your career progression and further development as a coach and / or mentor
  • Plan, deliver and review coaching and mentoring in a professional manner and in keeping with best practice.

Course Structure

Day 1 - ILM Induction. Coach or Mentor – the differences and the ideal coach - 22 June

  • Induction to the qualification, resources and tutorial support.
  • Coaching, mentoring, counselling etc., definitions - where and when to use each (and when to ask for help)
  • Coaching in an organisational context - benefits, advantages and application and where it is not appropriate.
  • The link to organisational and individual performance management
  • Styles of coaching and cultural fit.
  • The ideal coach or mentor....

Knowledge, skills and behaviours of an effective coach/ mentor

The role of emotional intelligence and intuition

Values, beliefs and attitudes - impact on perspectives

Personality preferences and traits within a coaching context

  • Ethical and legal aspects of coaching, professional codes of conduct

Day 2 - The coaching framework and contracting for coaching/mentoring - 13 July

  • The legal framework and commercial considerations to coaching
  • Coaching frameworks and practices (GROW / KASH / OSKAR)
  • Establishing ground rules and setting off on the right track - the coaching contract.
  • Contracting - principles, content and structure
  • Practical Exercises

Applying the models - practicalities and challenges including barriers to coaching

  • Guidance towards first assessment

Day 3 - Preparing to coach and analysing the starting point - 10 August

  • Identifying learning goals & how these link back to organisational goals.
  • Baseline assessment & how to identifying development needs and choosing strategies for others (including psychometrics and others tools).
  • Creating an effective coaching programme - how to approach it and what to include....

Resources available and the importance of setting realistic goals.

Support from others (line manager, other sources of feedback)

Telephone versus face to face coaching.

Group/team coaching.

  • Preparing for coaching - a practical session to prepare for the real life coaching session including the use of a coaching diary and proformas to help.

Day 4 - Coaching/mentoring in practice - managing relationships - 7 September

  • Conducting a coaching session.
  • Establishing the relationship and 2 / 3 way contracting (manager, coachee etc.)
  • Listening, questioning and summarising.
  • Principles for providing feedback and techniques for challenging assumptions.
  • Managing relationships - how to deal with potential conflicts and differing opinions.
  • Changing your coaching style and recognising when this may be beneficial.
  • Practical sessions with feedback and personal development planning.

Day 5 - Practical Coaching - Coach Development 1 - 28 September

  • Coaching practice and reviewing your own performance as coach.

Plan and organise the session including setting the scene/contract; use diagnostic/assessment tools and a range of feedback; use push/pull and effective questioning, listening and challenging; agree learning goals and explore how to overcome barriers; record outputs and next steps.

  • Guidance and feedback from peer group and course tutors
  • Tutorial support towards assessed work.

Day 6 - Practical Coaching - Coach Development 2 - 19 October

  • Difficult coaching situations and how to manage these effectively...

Recognising barriers to coaching and practical ways to overcome them.

Disengagement - when and how to do this professionally

Practical activities covering a range of common challenges to coaching / mentoring situations.

Real time coaching with peer group followed by feedback session (including use of a video cameral and playback where time allows)

Day 7 - CPD including coaching / mentoring supervision - 23 November

  • Coaching supervisors - what they are and how to get the best from them
  • Your base level assessment & journey so far.
  • One to one coaching sessions with a course tutor

Areas to improve (based on evidence and personal reflection.)

Learning goals and personal development planning for the next 12 months.

Coaching action learning sets and continuing professional development


1 x written assignment
1 x coaching diary + professional discussion with portfolio of coaching evidence

Who is the course for 

  • Those who are required to coach &/or mentor others within their organisation either as a line manager or as a participant in a wider coaching pool.
  • Established or aspiring coaches and mentors who wish to attain knowledge and skills as a platform to provide commercial coaching and mentoring activities to clients as a career path /freelance.

Why complete the programme through East Midlands Chamber in conjunction with Challenge Consulting?

Challenge Consulting is one of the oldest established ILM centres with a proven track record of delivering excellent programmes. For this reason Challenge Consulting has been awarded “direct claim” status by the ILM, which allows assessment decisions to be made immediately by the assessors, due to its commitment to quality of delivery and ability to make programmes applicable and relevant to attendees.

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