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Developing Your Resilient Mindset

Event Information:

Date: Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm

Available To: Members and Non Members

Trainer: Tony Brooks

Member Price: £85.00+VAT

Non-Member Price: £99.00+VAT

Mindset will be the most critical factor in how successful you are, as we move through the current crisis into what will certainly be a recession.

As an SME leader or business person, you may well be finding this time of crisis overwhelming, as you seek to keep strong and navigate through the current difficulties and those that lie ahead. Your thinking will have a huge impact on how well you do this. 

Course outline

  • 3 critical factors that will give you hope
  • Why resilience is not just about pushing through adversity
  • How to build strength through your habits
  • Your ability to choose how you think at any moment
  • Why Can-Think is more important than Can-Do
  • 5 Proactive ways to shift your thinking and build your ‘Resilient Mindset’
  • How to shift how you see yourself, your people and your team or organisation
  • Optimism as a method to deliver tangible results
  • Why you need to be even more conscious as a leader during a downturn


  • Techniques to have greater control over your thinking
  • Your own routine habits to keep you psychologically strong
  • Methods to maintain your own wellbeing as your foundation
  • Greater control over your stress and overwhelm
  • Strategies to repattern your neurology and deal with challenges successfully.

Who should attend?

SME leaders and owners or business people who:

  • Struggle with the overwhelm of making decisions in a crisis
  • Need coping strategies for stress, anxiety and negative thinking
  • Want to handle the difficult time ahead with strength and clarity
  • Want to keep control of their own thinking to impact on their own success and the success of their people and organisations

Course delivery

The course will be delivered online with full participation from all attendees. You will be sent a calendar invite along with your link to access the session following receipt of your booking.  



Tony is an International Leadership Coach, Trainer, Psychologist, Author and Speaker.


Further information

If you want to discuss this course in more details please contact Vicki Thompson on 0333 320 0333 ext 2153 or email

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