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Latest Brexit News


Brexit developments continue to be very fluid and often difficult to fully interpret in terms of their likely implications, amid the noisy political discourse that continues.

Through the Chamber’s own network, as well as news emanating everywhere from Westminster to Brussels, we regularly update members on the very latest Brexit-related news, offering reaction and insight as to how developments could affect businesses in our region.

As well as the Chamber’s own Brexit-related news and comment which can be found on the Corporate News section of the website a wider selection of Brexit news from multiple sources can be accessed below.

Brexit updates will be temporarily suspended in this section due to purdah ahead of the general election. Returning on 13 December.
Uploaded 7 November: What does 'get Brexit done' mean?
Uploaded 6 November: What does 'get Brexit done' mean?
Uploaded 4 November: Nigel Farage will not stand as candidate 
Uploaded 4 November: Election discussions in No. 10 amid Brexit battle 
Uploaded 1 November: No. 10 defends Brexit deal after Trump criticism 
Uploaded 1 November: Farage tells Johnson to 'drop the deal' or face Brexit Party challenge
Uploaded 31 October: 31 October was supposed to be Brexit day - so why hasn't Britain left the EU?
Uploaded 31 October: Brexit meets its Halloween? Assessing the immediate future for the UK and the EU
Uploaded 22 October: EU's Tusk backs extension
Uploaded 15 October: UK and EU closing in on deal
Uploaded 30 September: Remainers plot Brexit ambush
Uploaded 12 September: Labour urges Parliament recall 
Uploaded 10 September: Is PM's Brexit deadline impossible?
Uploaded 7 September: MPs willing to go to court to enforce delay

Uploaded 19 August: Boris Johnson says he is confident EU will shift basckstop position 

Uploaded 16 August: Clarke and Harman prepared to lead emergency Government 

Uploaded 15 August: Half of UK farms could fail afterno-deal Brexit, report warns 

Uploaded 15 August: Half of UK farms could fail afterno-deal Brexit, report warns 

Uploaded 14 August: Hammond says PM's demands 'wreck' chances of new deal

Uploaded 13 August: Brexit - Legal bid to stop Westminster shutdown goes to court 

Uploaded 12 August: No. 10 expects rebel move against no-deal Brexit on 9 September 

Uploaded 6 August: No10 insists EU must 'change stance'
Uploaded 5 August: Parliament can't stop no deal, says minister
Uploaded 1 August: Bank of England cuts UK growth forecast
Uploaded 31 July: No-deal Brexit up to the EU, says Johnson
Uploaded: 29 July: CBI says UK not ready for no-deal Brexit
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