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How to Implement - Risk Management & Strategic Planning

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Date: Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm

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Trainer: University of Derby

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Strategic Planning and Risk Management

Now, more than ever, it is essential that organisations recognise and prepare for potentially disastrous events. Whether a global pandemic, Brexit, flooding, terrorism or other potentially devastating events, organisations need to recognise the risks and be prepared to handle both crises and disasters as part of an effective continuity strategy.

The aim of this webinar is to show you how to identify threats and prepare and plan effectively. The event will provide a broad spectrum of knowledge relating to risk, crisis and disaster management within organisations

Strategic Panning – Why do I need it?

Strategic planning analyses your business strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and helps you formulate a plan to solve your current and future business challenges.

The strategic planning process are the steps that you go through as an organisation to determine:

  • the direction of your organisation (Vision)
  • what you're going to do and for whom (Mission)
  • how to measure it and guide your strategy to get to where you want to be (Goals)

In this overview of the strategic planning process, we'll go through the steps that you can use to create and implement a strong strategic plan.

There are many different ways you can create a strategic plan - some may be more efficient than others.

We will share processes that can we believe best prepares management teams with sufficient information and direction to create and implement their strategic plan.

Risk Management – Why is it important?

Risk management is critical to ensuring your organisation remains both resilient to change as well as dynamic enough to take advantage of potential opportunities.  Risk management is as much about identifying opportunities as avoiding or mitigating losses.

The main elements of a Risk Management process are to:

  • Identify risks
  • Analyse risks
  • Evaluate risks
  • Treat risks
  • Monitor and review performance
  • Communicate and consult

Workshop outcome

Attendees will have a clearer understanding of the latest position and how these might impact on future plans. They will also be able to understand different types of risk and how to assess and mitigate these risks when targeting markets.  

This session will provide delegates with ‘take-away tools’ to implement in to their business.

About the Speakers

Dr. NIihar Amoncar

Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management at Derby Business School, Nihar is actively involved in international engagement with a key focus on the Indian market, exploring academic and research development avenues with reputed institutions abroad.

Colin Hanson-New 

Colin  has 45 years’ experience in manufacturing and supply chain having been employed in global companies such as GKN, Alstom, AREVA, Schneider Electric, Massey Ferguson and the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS).


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