<h1>Generation Next</h1>

We believe in building futures. Helping you thrive.

We know how important it is to develop your skills – so we work with people committed to helping you succeed. Because with the right support, there’s no knowing what can be achieved.

We’re a group of forward thinkers, providing individuals across the East Midlands with the experience and opportunities to take them where they want to go.

Our mission is to develop and retain the skills of a thriving region, producing better business, better ideas and better minds.

The East Midlands can thrive if its people can. Generation Next is here to make it happen.



Over the next few months, we are running free taster events before we launch the full range of benefits which will come with membership. Our events are always topical, and an excellent chance for you to experience professional networking. From business lunches to workshops, each will be designed for you to gain new skills beneficial in helping you progress in business. Click on an event to book.

24 April - TBC


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