Driving competitiveness through Public Sector Procurement Helping You Influence

Driving competitiveness through Public Sector Procurement

The true measure of effective public sector procurement must be to have public money being spent in a way that can fully meet the requirements of the buyer whilst also supporting localised business competitiveness and benefitting the communities in which the money is being spent.

East Midlands Chamber is committed towards helping local firms win and retain more business. Likewise, the public sector is looking to extend its supply-chains and “localise” its expenditure as much as possible. EMC brokers this interface, enabling the private sector to engage with – and win business from – the public sector, both locally and nationally.

Currently, this work has involved hosting seminar events together with public sector partners - including local authorities, public sector housing providers, universities and the health service – where businesses are introduced to the tendering practices of these organisations and can engage with the people buying the services and products they sell.