HS2 and East Midlands Infrastructure Investment Helping You Influence

HS2 and East Midlands Infrastructure Investment

HS2 and East Midlands infrastructure investment

Properly addressed, infrastructure can be both the driver and facilitator of growth – creating jobs and wealth through its development and enabling further growth through its existence.

However, large-scale infrastructure projects have too often been made political footballs, falling victim to the short-termism and self-interest created by parliamentary timeframes. This undermines business confidence and our ability to succeed as a country against international competitors.

Specifically, HS2 will bring to the East Midlands the capacity and connectivity that will help underpin the region’s future success and the region must work hard to ensure maximum value and benefit is derived from its delivery.

Campaigning asks include:

• Develop and implement a 50-year UK Energy Security Strategy

• Commission an independent body to develop a roadmap for delivering on the National Infrastructure Plan (NIP) and identify longer-term requirements

• Take the bold decisions needed to meet housing needs

• Ensure every business has access to superfast broadband and lead the world in the development of 5G technology

• Proceed to delivery of HS2 as rapidly as possible, ensuring the groundwork is done for concurrent development of both the Eastern and Western Legs of Phase 2

To learn more about the Chamber’s campaigning in this area, and to contribute, contact the Policy team on 0333 320 0333 or email policy@emc-dnl.co.uk.