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Skills Campaign

The greatest asset for the business community in the East Midlands is its employees. Businesses will always support staff development and improvement.

However, too often people entering the labour market for the first time are ill-equipped in terms of the skills, attributes and knowledge of opportunities needed to succeed. The link between education and business is broken, creating a cost for the individual, business and society as a whole.

Time and again, the Chamber’s own research, through its Quarterly Economic Survey, shows that skills and recruiting work-ready individuals is a cause for major concern.

The Chamber continues to campaign locally, regionally and nationally for the closing of the skills gap and the forging of greater links between education and business to ensure employees of the future have the necessary skills required by business.

Campaigning asks include:

• Incorporate employment outcomes in the assessment of secondary schools

• Ensure ‘experience of work’ is embedded into education from primary-age through to when a person leaves education

• Champion vocational options in education

• Ensure that there is a clear link between the curriculum and the current and future demands of the labour market

To learn more about the Chamber’s campaigning in this area, and to contribute, contact the Policy team on 0333 320 0333 or email