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Employability and Skills Summit - 2019

Event Information:

Type: Information and Policy

Venue: West Park Teaching Hub, Loughborough University, Loughborough

Date: Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Time: 8:30am - 1:30pm

Available To: Members and Non Members

Member Price: £20.00+VAT

Non-Member Price: £75.00+VAT

In the coming years regional prosperity will rest on having access to a skilled, productive workforce, however, as identified through feedback from the Chamber Quarterly Economic Survey, it is clear that employers continue to find a shortfall in skilled labour.

The 2019 Summit will show how the region can address this challenge with the aim of developing an environment where there is a bright future for our local economies, communities, young people and those furthest away from the job market.

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When looking at our Q1 Quarterly Economic Survey in relation to business investment intentions we are seeing a downward trend across the board, of particular concern is businesses intentions to invest in training - this score is the lowest it has been since immediately after the referendum in the summer of 2016 and comes at a time when recruitment difficulties continue to rise.

60% of businesses are reporting difficulties in recruitment. These results came during a quarter when unemployment in the East Midlands continued to rise (as opposed to the rest of the country where it is falling) suggesting local issues not being experienced elsewhere in the UK.

When asked which factors were more of a concern than 3 months ago “Access to skilled labour” remains consistently high on employer’s agendas.

Through a number of keynote presentations, panel discussions and workshops the Summit will explore the implications of these findings, focussing on two key themes: Bridging the Gap: Improving the link between education and employers and How do we deliver the workforce employers in the East Midlands demand.

AGENDA (Full detail to follow)

  • Envisioning the Future of Education and Jobs:Trends, data and drawings - Dr Elnaz T. Kashefpakdel the Head of Education and Employer’s Research

In conjunction with the OECD, this landmark report looks at how to prepare the leaders of the future for the challenges and opportunities presented by the fourth industrial revolution. Concluding that the skills mismatch observed in the labour market has its roots in primary school, and that giving all children, regardless of gender and social background, the same chance to meet professionals in a variety of fields is the key to widening their view of the world of work.

  • Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE - Career-Related Learning: Why Primary?

    Why engaging young people at an early age is paramount to making a step change in linking young people to the careers of the future and the realities of labour market demands.  

Dr Hughes is a senior consultant specialising in careers, employment and skills policies, research and practice at a national, EU and international level.

Expert adviser with UK Ministerial appointment to advise governments in the four home nations on careers, employment and skills' policies, research and practice. She has a distinguished record as an academic researcher, lecturer and trainer in the fields of career development and public policies, employment, skills and labour market studies.

  • Education and employers want the same thing, but are we speaking the same language?

View from secondary schools and Further Education (FE) - exploring the challenges the secondary education and FE sector experience when engaging with employers, an inward look on what the education sector needs to do to ensure that they are engaging with employers in a meaningful way and in turn what can business do better.

  • Panel no.1: How do employers and education work closer together to develop mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Workshops: Two sets of workshop options, with a choice of one of six options in each set, workshops include:
  • Smart Working Revolution - A lively session on the experiences of how to implement flexible working in your business
  • Education and Skills Funding Agency - Update on the forthcoming T Levels and what this mean for employers
  • Inspiring Governance - Discover the business case for encouraging staff to become school governors 
  • RSM UK- Managing employees in a shrinking world, exploring how organisations achieve the right balance between meeting the needs of an increasingly agile workforce, where country boundaries no longer determine where employees work
  • LLEP - Launching of their new Employer Handbook to support work experience, industrial placements and internships 
  • Loughborough College  - How to navigate the apprenticeship system to get the best outcome for your business 
  • Learn by Design - The benefits of employer engagement at primary level - shaping the workforce of the future

(5 more to be confirmed)

  • Keynote: Leading by example, a business exemplar 
  • How a large infrastructure project plans for attracting and developing their skills needs  - lessons to be learnt in developing pipelines of talent
  • Panel no 2: How do we develop an inclusive recruitment strategy to support those furthest from the workplace? Looking at meaningful engagement and understanding the range of untapped talent available 
  • Close, networking, exhibitors and buffet lunch 



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