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David Chabeaux - Masterclasses

Starting later this year and running into 2024, Internationally acclaimed culture change expert David Chabeaux will be delivering a series of full-day, in-depth masterclasses, to help leaders develop a culture which promotes trust, creativity, resilience, understanding and aligns to their organisation’s objectives. 

As a taster to these sessions, through the autumn, we are running six one-hour online webinars to inspire thought, plant the seed of creativity and get you prepared for this masterclass journey, check out the videos below and book your places on the webinar programme.

Cultivating a culture of trust

An interactive one-hour online taster session led by David Chabeaux shows you what is really at the core of trust and how you can build higher trust relationships and cultures faster.

Igniting a culture of creativity

Based on the lessons and models that have allowed many of the world’s most brilliant creative thinkers and businesses to innovate, David Chabeaux puts you on the road to creating a culture that ignites the creative potential of you, your teams and your organisation. Join us for an interactive one hour taster session.

Building a culture of resilience

In this one hour taster workshop David Chabeaux looks not at the theory of how we deal with change, but at practical ways you can create a culture which deals with change and uncertainty. We need to start making some different choices, and David will show you four.

Aligning a culture of execution

Over a one-hour taster session, David Chabeaux shares a five-step process that will help you and your organisation create a culture that discovers where the pockets of great execution are, establishes what needs to happen to shift mediocre performance towards sustained excellence and accountability.

Seeking a culture of understanding

Learning to work effectively together with others in today’s world is absolutely vital. It requires us to step back, to seek first to understand others, rather than seeking to first be understood. In a one-hour taster session, David Chabeaux will show you how to really listen, and to build a culture that harnesses people’s own styles with a deep understanding of the needs and desires of others.

Empowering a culture of talent

In this one-hour taster session, David Chabeaux overviews the four key cultural drivers of enable, empower, align, unleash and what you can do to build a culture that becomes a magnet for talent.

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