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New programme helps business bosses to develop

Business leaders across Derbyshire are showing a high level of interest in a new programme which aims to develop their management skills.More than forty business leaders have already signed up to Lead2Succeed, which is funded by Derbyshire Learning and Skills Council, managed by Derbyshire Chamber and Business Link, and delivered through a growing network of partners including sector skills councils, management consultants, training providers and accountants.Lead2Succeed offers Chief Executives or Managing Directors of companies with between 20 and 250 employees support and funding to develop and enhance their leadership skills.The programme recognises that everyone’s needs are different, so this doesn’t mean just enrolling on a qualifications driven course. A range of courses, seminars, open learning software, books and coaching activities are all covered under the programme.Grants of up to £1,000 are available to put towards appropriate development activities and learning.Networking opportunities – both face to face and web based - will create the environment to enable business leaders to share and build on their experiences and lead to the development of a productive and active Derbyshire Business Leaders’ Network so that the whole business community will continue to be successful.“We recognise that busy Chief Executives and Managing Directors need a range of options to develop and learn new management skills,” said Lead2Succeed Project Manager Mick Blood.“This is an innovative programme which offers the tools and support to Derbyshire’s business leaders to enhance their skills in the way most appropriate to them. Choice is an important element, whether it’s choice of Support Partner, choice of assessment tool, or choice of development activity.“We are really pleased to have signed up so many business leaders in the first two months of operation of this programme. Grant availability is limited and is available on a first come first served basis, so anyone interested should get in touch as soon as possible.”If you would like to know more about the programme ring Mick Blood or Sue Williams on 0844 443 2150 or email la2uce@ebsieogedsceddryhr.r