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East Midlands Chamber News

Firms failing to reap full benefit of temps

IiP believes employers need to give greater thought to temporary workers' roles, provide inductions and motivate temps more effectively, so they will want to play a part in the firm's success.Chief executive of IiP, Ruth Spellman, said: "Employers frequently see temps simply as a 'band-aid', when they should be treated as an integral part of the workforce that, if well-managed and motivated, can make a massive contribution to any organisation's bottom line."Employers have to realise that getting the most from temps requires planning and attention in the same way as other employee groups."A recent survey by Barclays bank revealed the extent many small- and medium-sized firms rely on temporary workers - with almost 30 per cent stating that their companies' success depended on them.The survey found sectors most likely to use temporary staff were agriculture, hotels and catering (58 per cent each), construction (50 per cent) and business services (45 per cent).

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