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Businesses reminded of new vibration rules

The new regulations, which came into force 6 July, will affect any businesses where employees are exposed to hand-arm vibration through the use of equipment, vehicles and machines. It is estimated that around five million workers are exposed to vibration in the workplace and, of these, two million are at risk of developing health problems. The new exposure limits will be brought in transitionally between now and 2010 to allow businesses to phase out the use of tools and machinery which do not keep exposure limits below those outlined in the regulations. Where people are exposed to whole-body vibration, such as in the agriculture and forestry sectors, the transitional period has been extended to 2014. "Hand-arm vibration syndrome is a serious and widespread occupational disease affecting hundreds of thousands of people in Britain," said Dr Elizabeth Gibby, head of injuries reduction at the HSE. "I very much welcome the new regulations and believe they will boost our efforts in reducing the risks to acceptable levels." Businesses that want to learn more about the regulations and how they will be affected can attend a seminar hosted by the HSE and the manufacturers' organisation, the Engineering Employers' Federation. The seminars will take place between September and November throughout the country at a cost of £140 plus VAT per delegate.

  • To read more about the new regulations and the exposure limits download a PDF from the HSE website (www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg175.pdf)
  • For more information on the seminars contact Abigail Chow on 020 7222 7777.

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