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East Midlands Chamber News

Welcome for new code to help cut red tape

A new code of practice intended to help save businesses time and money by improving the way regulators work has been welcomed by Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber. The Regulators' Compliance Code, which is seen by the Government as an important step in its programme to cut bureaucracy, will have to be taken into account by regulatory bodies such as the Environment Agency and the Health and Safety Executive.

It should mean fewer inspections and less regulatory burden for the majority of compliant businesses, but more rigorous inspection for those who represent a high risk of non-compliance.

The Chamber's head of policy and representation, John Dowson, said: "We welcome this initiative but with reservations. We need to see tangible delivery on promises that can be felt by business and not simply activity to make it look as though something has been done.

"We are calling on all businesses in our area, not just Chamber members, to tell us exactly what regulations they would like to see changed and how, so we can take specific proposals forward to Government."

The Government is promising a cut in unnecessary inspections, form filling and information requests, as well as better advice on how to comply with the law, and more transparent, flexible and consistent enforcement.

Business and competitiveness minister Shriti Vadera said: "Regulators must take a light-touch approach to companies who comply with the law and target enforcement only at those who benefit by flouting it."

The code also applies to local authority responsibilities such as trading standards, and fire and rescue authorities. Regulators can be challenged by judicial review.

Firms with specific suggestions about particular regulations they would like to see changed should e-mail jh.osndc.ouondwo@ncc.k