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Companies warned to be on their guard against web theft

A Nottingham based Internet marketing company is warning firms to be on their guard after having their website copied by a competitor. They discovered an exact replica of their site, including staff photos, in the Google search results. Hallam Communications found their words, pictures and HTML were being used by another company, right down to customer testimonials and blog posts. They complained to Lancashire County Council's Trading Standards who were able to insist the replica site be taken down.

Susan Hallam, founder of Hallam Communications, says "It was a shock to discover we had our website cloned.

"Successful businesses rely on the Internet for sales and their business reputation. Finding someone was using our website design and content was unbelievable.

"A lot of people said there was nothing we could do. I was even advised to consider getting a new website design, and to just walk away and cut my losses.

" But there certainly are simple and effective steps businesses can take to stop the illegal cloning of websites.

"The same rules regarding intellectual property apply. Just because content is on the Internet doesn't mean it is up for grabs."

Hallam contacted Trading Standards who got in touch with the offending company and the content was removed the same day.

"All the hard work that my staff put into the site means it shouldn't be taken by someone else to use."

Susan Hallam is now urging businesses to be on their guard against people copying their websites, and says there are simple steps to take to take action against web theft.

For more information Click Here or contact Susan Hallam, Managing Director of Hallam Communications on 0115 853 2885, or email ssnhla.iua@almbz