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Show your support for High Speed Rail

Show your support for High Speed Rail connectivity to the East Midlands Dear Member

The Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce (DNCC) is supportive of the development of a UK and European high speed rail network.

A high speed rail stop in the East Midlands would provide significant economic benefits to our area by improving connectivity and substantially reducing journey times between core cities saving time for business travelers and promoting more inter trading.

It would also enhance the services on the existing rail lines that are approaching capacity at peak times and would provide better connections to these.

Upgrading existing rail lines would be more expensive; would be disruptive to travel and would not provide the transformational journey time benefits or the capacity improvements.

Demand for travel is projected to grow and DNCC believes that providing more environmentally friendly alternatives to road and air travel via a new High Speed Rail Network connected into regional transport links is the best way of responding to this demand.

To achieve the full benefits, there will need to be electrification of the Midland Main Line and enhanced links from the stop to urban areas in the region. There will also need to be more local services on the existing rail lines.

The high speed rail proposals have however met with significant protest from people living on the preferred route and from environmental groups who claim that the project will not deliver the economic benefits claimed.

In previous research by DNCC, there was overwhelming support for High Speed Rail connectivity to our area. It is important that this support is voiced as loudly as those that oppose it.

You can sign the following letter on line as part of a national campaign to support High Speed Rail by following this link

"Sir - As business people we are all too aware how poor transport infrastructure in Britain has held back our ability to take full advantage of opportunities to grow our businesses. For too long we have struggled with dated, over-burdened rail services whilst our competitors in Europe and elsewhere have invested in 21st Century high speed rail.

That is why we believe the Government is right to develop a new high-speed rail line for Britain. Linking our major cities in the Midlands, the North of England and London will bring real benefits, boosting our ability to recruit staff, move goods and services, and access wider opportunities to do business. It will bring all the regions of Britain closer together and create much needed capacity.

It will free space to transfer more freight to rail which will be good for the economy and good for the environment. It brings the prospect of an end to overcrowded, unpleasant commuting for many thousands of workers.

As employers we need this investment; our employees need this investment; our region needs this investment.

Now is the time to show our support for high speed rail."

In addition you can respond to the current HS2 consultation that is open until 29 July 2011. It would be helpful if, in your response, you could emphasise the need to develop the East Midlands phase of the High Speed Rail project as soon as possible so that our region does not lose out to those that achieve benefits in the first phase.

The full consultation and summary documents can be found here.

Yours faithfully

George CowcherDirector and Chief Executive