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Margaret Hodge Accuses MPs of Making Themselves Look Lazy

Margaret HodgeOutspoken but forthright MP Margaret Hodge, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, has courted controversy again by accusing Members of Parliament of placing themselves in a situation where they appear lazy.

In press interviews she said the coalition Government should increase the number of days MPs spend in Parliament to reduce the impression that they were lazy and failing to provide value for money.

Mrs Hodge, Labour MP for Barking and a minister in the Blair and Brown Governments, said her committee, which has responsibility to make sure the Government gives value for money across the board, might have to cancel some meetings because the Commons is expected to suspend sittings over the next two weeks as it winds down ahead of the State Opening of Parliament in May.

To read Mrs Hodge's views on value for money in Government don't miss the May edition of In Business.