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Tablets - love them or loathe them

IT crews either love them or hate it seems.

Half the Chief Information Officers in SMEs who responded to the research said they were considering issuing staff with tablets to facilitate ‘hot desking’.

But 43 per cent said that if tablets were banned from the office there would be no significant impact.

One in ten businesses said they believed they could now operate without a computer at all, which is thought to have contributed to a 4.9 per cent decline in computer sales in the past year.

Duncan Higgins, Director of Product and Marketing at Virgin Media Business, said: “We’re at a crossroads about which office hardware to invest in next.

“Clearly there’s a shift away from PCs, but it’s not clear yet if tablets are the heir apparent.

“What we can say is that businesses want hardware that’ll free them from their traditional IT shackles.

“They want their workforce to be more flexible, and they want their business to be able to implement change more quickly.

“It strongly hints at a move towards mobile technology, but it’s up for grabs at the moment if this’ll be answered by tablets, laptops, or a hybrid of both.”