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ISPO can aid your international development

ISPO“…candidates with language skills will be preferred…”

ISPO is a cost effective means by which to further your international links, with the introduction of skilled international students. Students can contribute a vast range of skills and knowledge to suit many different positions and working environments. How can an ISPO student benefit your organisation?

> Extra staff - A full-time member of staff, bringing up-to-date skills and knowledge.
> Corporate Social Responsibility - A meaningful experience that enhances student’s employability.
> Gain new perspectives - A student can bring new ideas and approaches to you business.
> Enthusiastic ‘project managers’ - A student could be brought in to carry out a new project or task.
> Develop current staff - Having a student to motivate and mentor contributes to the professional development of your staff.
> Gain an ‘ambassador’ for your company - Students will return to their university and speak highly of their experience.
> Employees of tomorrow - It gives you the opportunity to identify and develop future graduates.

UK: A deficit in foreign language speakers

- Three quarters of UK private sector employers see a need – or at least a benefit in having – foreign language skills in their business1
- 9% of skills deficiencies among existing staff due to shortages in foreign language skills
- French, German and Spanish account for 48% of total demand for foreign languages. However, only 4% of businesses said they were competent enough to make business deals in the French2.
- A significant amount of business” was sacrificed because of poor language skills across Europe: 11 per cent of small- and medium-sized enterprises had lost a contract as a result
- A British Chambers of Commerce survey of more than 8,000 businesses that found in the first quarter of 2012 that 96 percent had no foreign language ability for the markets they served3.

An ISPO student can provide you with the language and cultural skills and expertise needed to overcome these barriers and start expanding your business to new markets!

Employer quote
“Clara has enabled the company to develop a number of areas of the business in a far quicker timescale than could possible have been achieved without her.”

“We benefit enormously from having a native speaker introducing our company and products to a new market. His language and his educational background assist with this process ensuring our approach is received in a serious manner by Danish companies.”

Overall, the chance to take on a placement student from a university is a great opportunity and could lead to your business finding that one off employee who will drive your business forward.

Want to know more? Visit us on the ISPO website, send us an e-mail: mramri-larndc.ouai.atnabra@ncc.k or call 01159 578757.

1Source: 2012 CBI Employer survey, N = 542 companies
2Source: Languages: the State of the Nation - Teresa Tinsley, Alcantara Communications
3 Source: Languages: the State of the Nation - Teresa Tinsley, Alcantara Communications