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DNCC Member Develops New Test For Technology Geeks

Great British Geek CalculatorThe Great British Geek Calculator, created by Nottingham-based digital marketing agency Senior Internet for their client Newsworks, received more than 150,000 entries in less than a day, and was so popular it trended as one of MSN News top stories.

Dubbed ‘The Ultimate Geek Test’ by the Daily Mail, the Geek calculator was launched yesterday to promote the results of Newsworks’ technology study. Using a complex algorithm, the calculator cleverly uses the findings of the study to divide users into five personality types based on their love, or hate, for technology.

It’s proven an extremely popular feature, receiving national coverage on the homepage of the MailOnline, the Telegraph and the Evening Standard. By lunch time, more than 50,000 people had taken the ultimate geek test, reaching more than 2,000 consecutive visitors at its peak during lunch-time.

The buzz surrounding the geek calculator continued throughout the day with people sharing their results on Facebook and Twitter and was picked up by Simon Mayo on his Radio 2 drive time show. This provided a surge of traffic well into the evening as people continued to test their geekyness.

By the end of day one, more than 150,000 people had taken the test, generating more than 300 working days’ worth of browsing activity for the Newsworks website.

Tricia Durrant, Client Services Director at Senior Internet said, “This was an exciting day for the Senior and Newsworks teams and is a fantastic demonstration of creativity, marketing and technology resilience coming together, demonstrating how we can work with clients on campaigns on this scale. We are delighted with the exposure the calculator is generating and were pleased with the technical performance of our hosting facility, which was easily capable of handling the huge volumes of traffic on the site throughout the day.”

Having recently been honoured in the 2013 Webby Awards, this recent accomplishment further demonstrates the continued success of the company as they establish themselves as one of the UK’s leading digital creative agencies and showcases the exceptional quality of web services that are available across our region.

Want to find out what type of geek you are? Take the Great British Geek Test: http://www.newsworks.org.uk/tech-nation-quiz.