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Everything Motoring Along Fine for Town Centre Exhibition of Historic Vehicles

The Ilkeston C8Support is revving up for a nostalgic transport extravaganza to be held in the historic centre of Ilkeston that will entertain all generations.

Enterprise agency Erewash Partnership has organised a heritage and classic vehicle show on the town's historic market place on Sunday 15 September.

So far, proud owners have booked in almost 60 cars to exhibit and celebrate our transport and motoring heritage and give people a glimpse of what travelling was like over the decades. Many more are expected on the day.

In addition there will be 10 buses with names of bygone companies such as Midland General. Organisers are gearing up plans to line them up on the Market Place, complete with correct destination boards, to re-create the way it would have looked in the heady days of the 1960s/70s when many people travelled by bus.

Other exhibits will include tractors, motorbikes, scooters, and the popular vehicles that symbolised the 'flower power' generation of the 1960s and 1970s, the VW camper van, V8 'muscle cars', and pre-1980 'Old Skool Fords' .

Rare vehicles booked include a 1926 Morris Commercial 1 tonner, a 1932 Morris 8/10 flat nose van, and a 1948 Jowett Bradford. Also on show will be 1930s Austins, from the so-called golden age of motoring, and luxury vehicles from later years including a 1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 2.

A charity BBQ will be provided by Ilkeston Rotary Club and local businesses will be opening their doors for the day.

Main sponsors are Erewash Borough Council and Ron Brooks Toyota, with additional support coming from other Partnership members connected to the motor trade and historic vehicle groups such as the TR Register.

Partnership chief executive Ian Viles said: “This will be a great celebration of our motoring heritage, and a fantastic event for local people to enjoy – an exciting day out for all ages!

For those enthusiasts who spend many hours keeping the vehicles in sound mechanical condition and polishing them to look their spotless best there will be a Mayor's award and prize for the car of the show.

The free event takes place between 10am-4pm.

Roads around the Market Place will be closed to normal traffic as vehicles start to arrive. The closures will be in place from 8.30am to 5pm on Sunday 15 September. Bath Street from East Street to the Market Place, Wharncliffe Road from Albert Street and South Street from Coronation Street are the affected routes.