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UPDATED: Bizarre golf shot is internet sensation

It’s all gone viral for Matt Wheatcroft, the Managing Director of Purpose Media, after a video showing him pull off an amazing golf shot, while playing in this years’ British Par 3 event at Nailcote Hall in Warwickshire is likely to hit a million views later today:

First posted on Youtube on 2 December 2013 and reported on www.dncc.co.uk last week, the video reached 20,000 views within three hours. Matt’s company specializes in e-commerce website design and online marketing, so he quickly realised its potential to generate new business for his company.

Having issued an initial press release and posting it on other social media, the momentum gathered pace as they story started to get picked up by major sporting networks and news channels around the world.

The video has since received coverage on major sports networks including ESPN, Eurosport, Sky Sports and Fox Sports. It also featured prominently in on and off-line versions of traditional media like USA Today, The Telegraph and The Metro as well as local newspapers and magazines.

By Thursday morning the video had spread worldwide and passed the 500,000 views mark. Social media was now playing a big part in the distribution of the story and Matt was inundated with local, national and international media editors wanting to talk him.

The impact on the Purpose Media website has been phenomenal as visits over the last 3 days rose by 5,800% when compared to the number of visitor the website normally receives at this time each year.

Commenting Matt said, “Whilst I appreciate that not all of these visits are likely to convert into customers, I am certain that more people now know about Purpose Media than did at the start of December 2013! This also goes to prove the value of social media. I’m also glad we had adequate hosting provisions in place that were capable of withstanding such an unexpected and voluminous increase in visitors to our website.

To date the video above has achieved 800,000 views (dated Monday 9 December 2013). This has all culminated with the golf shot being ranked in position 8 of the top ten most important golf shots of 2013 by the European Sports Network website.

Here is how DNCC reported the news last week:

Matt Wheatcroft5 Dec 2013: Footage of a bizarre golf shot made by Matt Wheatcroft, Managing Director of e-commerce website designer and on-line marketing support provider, Purpose Media, has gone viral on the internet.

It went live on Youtube on 3 December and by last night it had been viewed over half a million times.

Matt was playing in a Par 3 pro-am competition and dropped his tee shot inches from a post in a boundary fence.

Instead of trying to tickle the ball out and losing strokes, Matt, whose company is a Chamber patron, hit the ball against the post and watched as it rebounded to land just over a foot from the hole, leaving an easy putt.

To see the shot visit www.purposemedia.co.uk/bp3youtube