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Business-friendly enforcement saves £40m a year

Business Secretary Vince Cable and Business and Enterprise Minister Matthew Hancock have announced that better enforcement of regulation is saving business more than £40m a year.

The Focus on Enforcement review programme, which asks firms to identify poor enforcement practices that hold them back, has benefited around one million businesses and boosted growth in nine vital sectors of the economy from coastal developments to childcare.

This builds on Government action to scrap or reform regulatory rules which has saved firms some £10bn over this Parliament.

Addressing a round table of business leaders and regulators who have helped drive a range of reforms to improve how regulation is enforced, Vince Cable said: “Better enforcement creates a more level playing field for business and ensures important regulations on safety and the environment give the public the essential protection they are entitled to.

“By working with businesses to clear away costly and time-consuming bureaucracy, we are making it easier for firms to focus on what really matters and to plan for the long term, creating stronger growth and more jobs.”

Matthew Hancock said: “Our zero-tolerance approach to pointless red tape is a key part of the Government’s drive to make the UK the best place in the world to start and grow a business. We are stripping out thousands of pages of unnecessary paperwork, ensuring businesses can operate, invest and grow with confidence.

"We will be the first Government in modern history to have lightened the burden of regulation - saving business more than £10bn. Ripping out and reforming regulation is helping create an economy that nurtures enterprise, generating 760,000 new businesses since 2010.

"More businesses and more jobs mean hardworking families are better off."

Nine reviews have covered pharmaceutical manufacturing, fire safety, care homes, volunteer events, food manufacturing, childcare, coastal developments, pubs and chemicals manufacturing. A tenth looked at appeals processes across a range of sectors.

Regulators including the Health and Safety Executive, Environment Agency and Food Standards Agency have responded to Focus on Enforcement reviews with major reforms which have been welcomed by trade bodies across the country.