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Chamber Patron Offers Advice in Wake of Clarkson Row

Jeremy Clarkson (CC BY SA 2.0 Tony Harrison)Chamber Patron Qdos Consulting has offered the following tips to employers when dealing with suspension of employees.

It comes following the furore surrounding the BBC's decision to suspend Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson for an alleged fracas with a producer.

Suspending an employee is an everyday occurrence in the world of work and Qdos' top ten reminders when applying a suspension are:

  1. Ensure that the process used follows the provisions of your discipline procedure
  2. Establish the grounds on which the suspension was deemed necessary
  3. Ask if the decision to suspend is consistent with the action taken in any previous similar incidents
  4. Hold a meeting to communicate the decision to the employee
  5. Follow up the meeting with a written confirmation of the reasons for the suspension
  6. Include details of the anticipated length of the suspension and the pay that will apply during the period of suspension
  7. Confirm any conditions that may apply to the employee during the suspension
  8. Carry out a proper investigation of the allegations as quickly as possible
  9. If there is a case to answer, write to the employee to arrange a disciplinary meeting
  10. If there is no case to answer, write to the employee and arrange a return to work