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KPMG Enterprise launches cyber security service

KPMG Enterprise has launched a cyber security service tailored to the needs and resources of smaller and mid-tier businesses.

The streamlined package of cyber controls has been developed by the professional services firm in response to the increased targeting of smaller businesses by cyber criminals, due to their relative lack of cyber defence and resulting vulnerability.

The ‘Accelerated Security’ service is designed to help SMEs and mid-tier companies to protect themselves from cyber attack, through a series of cyber pre-packaged defence controls that don’t require significant IT resources to implement.

It can be put in place in weeks and is available at a fixed price.

The package also enables organisations to achieve certifications such as the Government’s ‘Cyber Essentials’ scheme.

Del Heppenstall, who heads up KPMG’s cyber security practice in the Midlands, said: “It’s increasingly important that smaller businesses, which have not historically considered themselves to be a target for cyber crime, develop resilient cyber defences.

"We are seeing attackers focus on businesses with lower levels of cyber maturity as large corporates, the more traditional targets, enhance their protection.

“In fact, any organisation that holds valuable data is a target for hackers, which can be hard to stomach for a business which has previously stayed below the radar.

"This realisation can leave some companies struggling to achieve their aspirations without feeling exposed to cyber security risk – a concern our new package addresses.”

KPMG also warns small and mid-tier businesses that it’s not ‘just’ the impact a cyber breach can have on their operations, customer relationships and reputation that should be on their radar.

“The government is increasingly considering failure to protect customer data to be a public interest breach and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is fining organisations up to £500,000 for breaching the Data Protection Act.

"Suffering a customer data loss can trigger an ICO investigation, risking a financial penalty that can really hurt a smaller business,” said Del.

For information about KPMG’s cyber services visit kpmg.co.uk/cyber