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East Midlands Chamber News

Members' reaction to election result

Richard TruemanA second term in office for the Conservatives is good news for North east Derbyshire's SME economy, says Mitchells Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers.

“The Conservative’s manifesto is very pro-business and North East Derbyshire,” said Richard Trueman, Director of Mitchells Accountants.

“The manifesto pledge of ‘no rise in National Insurance contributions or income tax’ and ‘ensuring all people who work 30 hours per week on the minimum wage pay no income tax,’ will further stimulate the local job market as businesses will be able to fix staffing costs for the next five years,” he added.

Richard also welcomed the Conservatives’ manifesto pledge to create a ‘northern powerhouse’ which will bring more than £18bn of investment to the north, create 100,000 more jobs and invest in transport by 2030.

The ‘northern powerhouse’ recognises the significant contribution of towns, like Chesterfield, outside London to the UK’s economy.

He explained: “North East Derbyshire will significantly benefit from this investment as it already has the foundations in place for growth, namely excellent transport links as well as a central geographical position in the country, and the Enterprise Zone at Markham Vale.

"The Conservative’s manifesto would indicate great potential for growth in the area, particularly in our manufacturing and engineering sectors.”

Richard also pointed to the stability a second term in office for the Conservatives will bring to the UK economy, saying: “Economic cycles usually last 15 – 20 years, whether that is for a business or an economy. To expect the UK economy to be fixed in five years is absurd. No political party could achieve that. It’s important that we continue on the path of recovery.

“I believe the conservative party manifesto will allow businesses in Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire to continue to grow and prosper. There has never been a more important time for businesses to ensure their accountant is properly qualified.”

Based on Saltergate, Mitchells specialises in helping SMEs grow and prosper, providing the advice necessary to help businesses manage risk and improve performance.