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East Midlands businesses working in partnership

Established in 1997, inspHire is the market leading provider of rental management software. Initially they approached Derventio Solutions in 2014 with a requirement to make some amendments to their CRM system; a Windows desktop application that complemented their main hire software, for which they had a long list of enhancements that their customers had requested.

It was important to inspHire that we continued to develop and add functionality to leverage their CRM system to fully support their customer’s needs. The outsourcing of this development to Derventio meant that inspHire could continue to focus on the core inspHire products and deliver both in the timescales necessary.

The Solution:

We worked closely with inspHire to ensure we fully understood all of their requirements and produced a detailed specification which illustrated each of the developments and showed exactly how long each development would take.

One of the most requested features was to have a dashboards facility; this enables them to build home page dashboards containing summary information, charts and key activity views from the moment they login. This information could either be company-wide or tailored to the individual user and could be displayed on screen in multiple formats depending upon their requirements.

Additionally, the facility to favourite a view within the main screens was added to ensure that staff can choose to display the information most relevant to them and their role. A new communications feature was also incorporated, allowing emails to be sent directly from the CRM, something which it had been unable to do previously.

To further enhance utilising the solution for customer relationships, we ensured that new functionality for Marketing Campaigns was created. This includes full integration into MailChimp for running the Campaign and allows statistical information for the campaign to be automatically synchronised back into CRM for analysis.

The Result:

inspHire now have a slick and modernised CRM which includes all of the functionality they require to support and develop their business and their customers businesses.

Managing Director, Graham Dobbs was delighted to share:

“I consider the team at Derventio Solutions to be our outsourced development partner and I won’t hesitate to contact them with any further development requirements. From the moment we started talking to the team, they took the time to listen and understand our business, and our requirements.

''This has enabled the team to contribute to our development specification taking into consideration our current needs and those for the future. Work has always been completed within agreed time-scales and has proved to be extremely cost effective.”

The team were so impressed that following the success of the CRM project, they invited Derventio Solutions to develop a web portal that would sit on top of their main product. The browser based portal will enable inspHire's customer base to give their customers access to their rental information.

Derventio Solutions is an innovative software house that develops agile and intuitive solutions to successfully meet with customer needs, challenges, and ideas.

Derventio Solutions software is the power behind some of the biggest companies in the UK, and to find out how they could help your business call the team today on 01332 222 450, email if@evnisltoscmnodretoouin.o, or visit www.derventiosolutions.com.