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Badgemaster ramps up production

Badges on the production line at BadgemasterName badge maker Badgemaster has stepped up production to meet demand.

Since the start of the month it has been running a two-shift operation - 6am to 2pm and 2pm to 10pm - at its Newstead, Nottinghamshire, factory, giving almost double production capacity.

It has also taken on a dozen new workers and is continuing to recruit.

Customers can now place orders as late as 4pm for production the same day - giving Badgemaster one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

The ramp up in production is a result of a significant period of growth for the company. Orders are at an all-time high, averaging 200 new accounts a month since the beginning of 2015.

Major new rollouts taking place in recent months include high street names such as Argos, Avis, Coral, Carphone Warehouse , Next, Disney and WH Smith, the hospitality sector, including Premier Inn and Best Western, and transport and travel companies, including ScotRail, Virgin/East Coast Trains, Virgin Atlantic and TUI - which in new business alone spans an estimated additional quarter of a million wearers.

Under the double-shift system, Badgemaster will be capable of processing on average 2,000 individual orders per day.

Managing Director John Bancroft, who founded the business with his wife Vicky in 1992, is thrilled with the company’s achievements, not only in terms of the business and it’s customers but also for the wider industry.

He said: "The badge-making business is driven by three things: quality, price and turnaround times and in order to succeed, you need to be delivering on all three in equal measure.

"These most recent developments allow Badgemaster to step it up a notch, allowing us to raise our game to previously impossible standards.

"Our customers, of course, benefit greatly from our investment. So too does the wider community via employment, investment in local economy, and advances in our technological capabilities.

“A two-shift production is just one of many ways our business has become stronger and I am thrilled the business can grow organically through customer demand.

"We are now the largest name badge making company in the UK, almost certainly in Europe and making our mark on the global landscape. I thank our loyal and skilled staff and of course, our ever increasing customer base for such an amazing achievement.”

The latest additions to the staff take the company’s roll call to over one hundred a part of north Nottinghamshire that was known as an ‘employment blackspot.’

Significant investments in additional state of the art technology has not only boosted the factory’s technical capabilities in production but also aided the skillset of the company’s ever growing workforce.

“We are a British based manufacturer, whose business is currently booming and that is something I am incredibly proud of,” added John.

“At a time when the wider industry is awakening to the social and ethical issues, risks and wider issues of manufacturing overseas, at Badgemaster we are very proud of our Made in the UK status.

"Keeping business, jobs and skilled workers within the UK and within our industry will only do good things for our wider economical future,” he said.