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Derbyshire Economic Partnership - Recruitment

The Derbyshire Economic Partnership (DEP), is a private sector led partnership which comes together to facilitate an effective and co-ordinated approach to economic development across Derbyshire and is currently recruitment Private Sector Board Members.

Our aim is to stimulate, develop and bring forward a range of sustainable economic opportunities and improve the prosperity and overall environment for businesses, communities, individuals and visitors. In 2014, DEP published the Derbyshire Economic Strategy Statement (DESS) which sets out how we intend to deliver growth by building upon the competitive advantages and opportunities we have within Derbyshire and tackling the issues that are holding the county back from achieving its potential.

The Partnership is currently restructuring to ensure all economic stakeholders can effectively engage with the proposed devolution of economic powers and investment to the local level. The proposed Derby & Derbyshire (D2) Combined Authority will bring about a step change in how we can positively drive the Derbyshire economy. However, success can only be achieved if the Combined Authority has a positive and dynamic partnership with business.

As a DEP Private Sector Board Member you will have the opportunity to shape this exciting agenda by advising and challenging the economic ambitions of Combined Authority, D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership and national government and ensuring the objectives of the DESS are delivered through drawing in external funding to deliver projects and services of benefit to the Derbyshire economy.

The Board meets four times a year including an Annual General Meeting but potential exists for Board Members to get involved in shaping the economic agenda first hand. We are particularly keen to hear from candidates from the key growth sectors identified in the Strategy.

For further information, please contact Frank Horsley, Head of Economic Regeneration at Derbyshire County Council on fakhrlydryhr.o.krn.ose@ebsiegvu .

For reference, the Derbyshire Economic Strategy Statement can be found by clicking here.