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Hercules Helps Businesses Get Their Message Across

Classics lecturers at The University of Nottingham have been helping business people to understand how ancient stories of gods, heroes and monsters can help them to communicate successfully in the modern business world.

Developed by University academics, Esther Eidinow and Katharina Lorenz, ‘The Business of Stories’ draws on Greek and Roman myths as a way of explaining how businesses can tell their stories in a more effective way.

In the course, Esther and Katharina use ancient myths to help business people to explore the way they are currently telling their story. In particular, they work with archetypal characters that stand the test of time, and with which people easily identify.

They also get the group to think about the basic tools of story-telling in text and image, the building blocks of a good story, how to create a story and how to present it.

“We both work on ancient Greek and Roman cultures,” said Katharina Lorenz. “We explore and analyse traditional stories and myths from the ancient world which were used in a variety of different contexts and for all sorts of different purposes. This has given us a good understanding of the power of ancient myths, and stories and storytelling.”

Esther Eidinow said: “It’s important that staff think about and develop the character of the company that they want to project to their customers, and how to use specific media, for example, a website. As part of this, they need to consider the kinds of narratives that they want to tell about the work that they do, to highlight their achievements and the skills they can offer clients.

“We have also found that our approach works well as a way to reflect on communication structures within a company. It helps people to generate a shared understanding of their company’s goals and values.”

The Business of Stories is one of a number of workshops, drawing on leading academic expertise, which The University of Nottingham offers for local businesses through its Ingenuity programme.

Further details are available online for forthcoming Ingenuity events and workshops.