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One per cent to charity call launched today

David Ryley, Nina Dauban and Mark GoldbyA new charitable fund has been set up asking people to donate just one per cent of their salary to good causes in Nottinghamshire.

Businessman David Ryley came up with the idea as a reaction to Government cuts on local councils and the subsequent diminishing grants offered to charities.

The “1% Matters” fund is being run through the Nottinghamshire Community Foundation (NCF), which will administer the cash to various causes across the city and county.

Mr Ryley, who runs a wealth management company in Nottingham, said: “Many people can afford to give one per cent of their salary, their company profits or dividends, and every penny matters to local charities.

"£500 can go along way for a small local project providing essential support in our communities. This is about creating a legacy for the people of Nottingham.”

The idea has gained the support of fellow businessman Mark Goldby, who has also agreed to donate one per cent of his salary.

Mr Goldby, who runs a high-tech electronics firm in the county, said it was important to donate to charities that do work locally.

“I got involved as my local community matters to me. I know many people would prefer to give to local charities, and using the Nottingham Community Foundation will make sure the money is distributed to those who need it most and in accordance with the Charity Commission,” he said.

Although the fund has only just been launched, donations have already been given to the Radford Care Group, which supports the vulnerable and elderly and She UK, which offers help to victims of child abuse.

Nina Dauban, Chief Executive of NCF said: “We are delighted to see these successful businessmen understand the value of giving locally, we urge anyone who can spare one per cent to donate via our website."