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East Midlands Chamber News

Free Brexit Helpline for East Midlands Businesses

Responding to continued uncertainty in the business community, the Chamber has partnered with law firm Eversheds to offer a free legal helpline to businesses that have queries on how different aspects of Brexit might impact their activity.

Areas that will be covered by the helpline include:

  • Employment issues
  • Commercial contracts
  • Intellectual Property
  • Funding arrangements
  • Business structures
  • Real estate
  • Other operating issues

Chamber members calling the lo-call rate number (0333 456 0480) will be offered one hour’s free over-the-phone advice by an expert from the Eversheds legal team.

The hotline will be managed by the Chamber, which will arrange for an expert from the Eversheds legal team to speak to callers.

Chris HobsonChris Hobson, the Chamber’s Director of Policy, said: “It is now 12 weeks since the landmark referendum result for the UK to leave the European Union, and companies remain confused about what will happen as we go through the Brexit process.

“While the full implications will only become clear once formal negotiations begin, there is work that businesses can start doing now in terms of the con-siderations they should be making with regards those areas that we know are likely to be affected in some way, or where uncertainty is already having an impact.

“With over half of our members employing someone from a country in the wider EU, the main issue at the moment seems to be managing questions over what the status of these workers will be post-Brexit.

“But our members have also expressed concerns over intellectual property rights, continued funding for projects currently funded by EU money and the possibility of levies being laid against imports and exports.

“Working with Eversheds, we have set up the hotline so that our members can talk to legal experts to ensure that, even if they can’t at this stage have all the answers, they can at least ensure they’re asking the right questions to put themselves in the best possible position to overcome the uncertainty and real-ise the opportunities that Brexit will bring.”

EvershedsJames Fry, Partner at Eversheds said: “We are delighted to be partnering with the Chamber to help its members navigate through the uncertainty of Brexit.

“At Eversheds we are committed to giving clear, straightforward and objective advice on what exit from the EU may mean for businesses in the East Mid-lands. The issues are not the same for every business and we will ensure that our legal advice is tailored to specific needs.”

The Chamber has set up a portal on this website specifically to keep members apprised of the latest Brexit developments.