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Polymer £5 note enters circulation

The new £5 note enters circulation todayThe polymer £5 note enters circulation today.

According to the Bank of England, the new banknote is stronger than the paper one it replaces.

Polymer notes are also better for the environment, according to a website set up to offer guidance about the new note and its many security features.

This, the website claims, is because they last up to 2.5 times longer, meaning fewer have to be printed, which means less energy is used in manufacturing and cash transportation.

When a polymer note has reached the end of its life it will be recycled into new plastic products.

The new note is 15% smaller than the previous paper £5 note.

Sir Winston Churchill is commemorated on the reverse of the note.

To see the note and learn more about it visit www.thenewfiver.co.uk.