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Invitation to tender - D2N2 Growth Hub

ERDF D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership is inviting submissions to carry out an effective impact evaluation and “Summative Assessment” for the D2N2 Growth Hub.

It is part funded by ERDF, therefore there is a requirement to conduct a thorough Summative Assessment, and the Project Board wish to go further than this and require a report that will identify areas of potential development for the Growth Hub both to support the specific needs of our businesses and in the context of Government policy and ambition to drive productivity and inclusive growth.

For full tender, details, please click here.

For the editable standard details questionnaire document, please click here.

Due to an IT issue that has now been resolved regarding the submissions email address the deadline for submission of questions has been extended to noon on Thursday 23 November. All responses will be posted on the website by 5pm on Friday 24 November.

Tender reference: D2N2SA171819.

Received tender questions and answers:

Q: Is Value for Money to be included within the eight page response, and if so, is this to include a cost sheet that details the budget (e.g. day rates and activities)? Or could a detailed budget be graded separately (e.g. included as an appendix)?

A: The summary of day rates should be included within the eight page tender response. If you have a detailed financial budget please attach this as a separate appendix (using microsoft excel) in addition to your response within the eight page document.

Q: On page 7, the specification states that ‘quality of support’ is 60% of the total score. Does ‘quality of support’ comprise each of the following bullet points (methodology, experience, timescales, etc.)? Is Value for Money therefore worth 40% of the score?

A: The elements identified in the Invitation to Tender section 6.1 form part of the quality of support. You are not specifically scored on Value for Money, therefore it is not worth 40%.

Q: Can you give an indication of the scale of the Business Advisor Network that D2N2 Growth Hub utilises, both for generic and specialist business advice and support (i.e. the numbers of advisors involved)?

A: There are 13 Advisers employed through D2N2 Growth Hub. Where specialist support is required, Advisers from other projects assist.

Q: Is there an initial diagnostic assessment system adopted, for every business making its first contact with/enquiry to the Growth Hub?

A: Yes there is a standard diagnostic system. For the ScaleUp Service there is a more in-depth format.

Q: Has any review process been undertaken covering the three years since its establishment that may have highlighted successes and potential areas for improvement?

A: There has been no formal external review. However D2N2 Growth Hub reports to BEIS annually following an internal review process and a Customer Satisfaction Survey also takes place on an annual basis.

Q: What level of funding is dedicated to the Growth Hub’s core delivery from 2017 to 2020?

A: The level of funding is fluid, and depends on future ERDF and Government funding. The budget up to March 2019 is secure which covers staffing and current levels of delivery.