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East Midlands Chamber News

Invitation to Derby Cornerstone Employer event

Chamber members are invited to participate in a workshop to start to build a local employer engagement plan for the Derby City Opportunity Area.

The workshop will be run by The Careers & Enterprise Company(CEC), in collaboration with the Department for Educationand the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership.

The purpose of the session is to:

  • Review the number of employer encounters needed in the Derby City area
  • Engage cornerstone employers in discussion about their offer to schools
  • Identify ways to engage with other local employers who are not currently involved
  • Explore what activities employers can get involved in and seek pledges for these

Twelve workshops will be held in total, one in each Opportunity Area. The outcomes from the sessions will form a national picture and help accelerate delivery in each Opportunity Area.

The Derby Cornerstone Employer Eventwill take place on Monday 5 February from 8am-10.15am.

The event will include an introduction from CEC to set the scene, a panel discussion with a local school head teacher, students and an existing Cornerstone Employer.

The remainder of the workshop will comprise of roundtable discussions to share ideas, exploring how to engage other employers and what activities employers could contribute to. These discussions will be facilitated by local employers who are part of the local enterprise adviser network.

Please confirm your attendance by clicking here.