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East Midlands Chamber News

Chamber welcomes Utility Alliance as a new patron

Utility Alliance has become the latest patron of the Chamber.

With offices in Sheffield, Hartlepool and Newcastle, Utility Alliance ensures a company is paying as little as possible for its energy.

Utility Alliance trades, monitors and uses the latest technologies to save businesses time and money and work on clients’ behalves to lower electric, gas and water bills.

Utility Alliance’s approach to consultancy is perfect for SMEs. Bulk-buying energy with larger businesses means the smaller gains from a lower cost for its energy. From corner shops to start-ups, it supports business growth ensuring overheads are kept to a minimum.

Utility Alliance can provide a holistic approach to saving energy and costs throughout your organisation. The aim of the business is to reduce both the cost and the number of kWh’s you use, in turn potentially saving you thousands of pounds.

Chamber patrons include organisations which want to take an influential and prominent role in the local business community and share the values that drive the Chamber forward.

Chamber Chief Executive Scott Knowles said: “I am delighted to welcome Utility Alliance into patronage. Chamber patrons are a powerful force in influencing policy, driving economic growth and development and equipping smaller businesses with the knowledge and skills that are vital to their future.

“Utility Alliance will bring to the Chamber skills and expertise to complement those of the other patrons to evolve something which is, together, greater than the sum of its parts.”

David Bourne, National Partnership Manager at Utility Alliance, said: “Having recently joined Utility Alliance after years of working with the Chamber for different companies, I am delighted that UA has taken the opportunity to add benefits to the services the Chamber offers to its members.”

“Many businesses may not be aware of the new Ofgem regulation (DCP 161) which will be implemented on 1 April 2018. Any business with a half-hourly electricity supply meter which exceeds its availability capacity (also known as supply capacity) from April 2018 will be charged up to three times its standard kVa rate for each kVa over the limit on their electricity supply contract. We are offering a free review to all Chamber members to evaluate a sites liability and advise accordingly.”

Daniel Potter, Utility Alliance Yorkshire Managing Director, added: “I have always heard great things about the Chamber and its work, so upon being asked to become a patron it was a no brainer for me. Being new to the area I couldn’t think of a better place to begin when looking to connect and share our services with other neighbouring businesses.”

The Chamber has 24 patrons, including DHL Express, East Midlands Airport, Experian, The Money Shop, Wilko and Santander.