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East Midlands Chamber News

Low cost ads offer on ITV Business

Businesses across the Midlands are being offered the chance of low-cost advertising on ITV’s Hub.


The broadcaster is launching ITV Business, a self-service portal enabling small firms to manage their own online video campaigns.


It is hoping to “supercharge growth for businesses of all shapes and sizes across the UK” by making  ITV more accessible and affordable.


“Following a feasibility test over the winter, we are expanding ITV Business to the Midlands from July to December as a pilot, with a view to national rollout in time,” said Business Development Director Jason Spencer.


He added: “The Midlands has seen huge investment this year from Midlands Engine Growth Fund and focus within the Government's Industrial Strategy, harnessing its success in encouraging start-up businesses - and this is why we have selected this region for our test.”


ITV Hub is setting specific criteria for businesses that can qualify for the test phase. To find out what they are and how cheaply an advertising campaign can be conducted firms will have to register with the service at itv.com/business.


“The process is simple and straightforward based on selecting targeting, budget and timing and uploading your ad. If you need us to make your ad, we have a creative production team who can do everything from editing your existing video to shooting it for you, making all the relevant checks to ensure it can run on the ITV Hub,” said Jason.


Small businesses that take advantage of ITV’s offer, and which meet their criteria, will see the cost of the media and production heavily subsidised during the portal’s early days.


Jason added: “We have invested resources in our Birmingham office to support businesses across the region through this. What's more, we will be using the power of ITV, with an ad across ITV Central region and the ITV Hub very soon, to support this. More details will become available in coming weeks.


“We are passionate about helping small firms grow and are excited about how we can use ITV Business to grow businesses across the Midlands.”