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Deadline looms to be part of Trade Advisory Group

In January 2018, the Secretary of State for International Trade announced his intention to establish a Strategic Trade Advisory Group.

The group’s principal purpose will be to advise the Government on trade policy before and during the future free trade negotiation cycle, helping to shape trade policy through high level strategic discussion.

The Secretary of State for International Trade is calling for applications with a view to selecting members.

1. Composition

Government is seeking to include 14 individuals capable of giving views from across business communities, civil society, consumer groups and academia from across the UK. Candidate will be chosen from business organisations, businesses of all sizes, at least one business from Wales and one from Scotland, an academic organisation, a non-Government organisation and a trade union, among others.

2. Appointment

Members will be appointed by the Secretary of State for International Trade, from applicants meeting the requirements referred to in the membership criteria. Individuals will be selected to provide a breadth of knowledge and experience across trade policy.

Members will also be asked to act in the interests of the UK and not as a representative of their organisation.

3. Rules of engagement and operation

Meetings of the group are chaired and convened by the Minister for Trade Policy alongside the co-chair of the group. The group shall act at the request of the Secretary of State in compliance with the Terms of Reference, which shall be agreed at the first meeting.

In principle, the group shall meet upon the Secretary of State for International Trade’s invitation on Government premises. The Department for International Trade (DIT) shall provide secretariat services.

Members should be prepared to attend meetings when organised, contribute actively to discussions in the group, be involved in preparatory work ahead of meetings and examine and provide comments on documents under discussion

The chair may set up sub-groups for the purpose of examining specific questions on the basis of Terms of Reference defined by the chair. Sub-groups shall report to the group. They shall be dissolved as soon as their mandate is fulfilled.

The chair of the group may invite individuals with specific expertise with respect to a subject matter on the agenda to take part in the work of the group or sub-groups on an ad hoc basis.

Participants in the activities of the group and any sub-groups shall not be remunerated for the services they offer.

Travel and subsistence expenses incurred by participants in the activities of the group and any sub-groups shall be reimbursed by DIT within departmental guidelines.

4. Transparency

DIT shall make available the dates and meeting times, group membership, the agenda and discussions summary unless it is appropriate to keep them confidential.

5. Selection procedure

In appointing members of the group, the Secretary of State for International Trade shall aim at ensuring a high level of expertise, as well as a balanced representation of relevant areas and interests.

They will take into account the specific tasks of the group, the type of expertise required, as well as the relevance of the applications received.


6. Membership criteria

Applicants for the group must provide evidence of competence and experience in areas relevant to international trade and trade policy, seniority and demonstrate understanding of the procedures by which the UK conducts international trade.

7. Application procedure

An application must include all demanded documents. All documents submitted by applicants should be duly completed, legible, signed and numbered sequentially.

Each applicant should provide a completed application form which specifies the member category for which the application is made and how the applicant fulfils the selection criteria.

8. Deadline for application

Those wishing to be considered for membership should submit their applications by 5pm on Friday 17 August.

Applications should be submitted to strategic.advisory.group@trade.gov.uk.